Join Us for the December 2020 Cambridge Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting
We look forward to meeting with you at the November 4 TAC meeting with remote participation. We will be presenting on the River Street Reconstruction and providing updates on Cambridge projects and development review.
This meeting will be held with remote participation using Zoom webinar. For members of the public who would like to attend this meeting, please visit the webinar registration page to receive a link by e-mail. Information to join by telephone only can be found by clicking here.
MBTA has proposed service reductions to begin in Cambridge as soon as December 2020
As of November 24, 2020, the MBTA has proposed reductions in public transit service as a result of a large expected budget gap, that would begin as soon as December 2020. The MBTA have summarized proposed service reductions and other changes on their website.

The MBTA is asking the public for feedback. Several opportunities are available:
The following are MBTA's proposed service reductions and eliminations focused on changes to service in Cambridge and systemwide changes:

Bus service reductions in December 2020
  • Eliminate Route 72

Ferry suspension in March 2021
  • Temporarily and indefinitely suspend all MBTA ferries

Rapid Transit service reductions in spring 2021
  • End all rapid transit service (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Silver Lines) at midnight, one hour earlier than today
  • Reduce frequency of trains, on average, by 20%
  • Red Line rush hour trains would come every 5 to 6 minutes, instead of every 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Red Line off-peak trains would come every 8 to 9 minutes, instead of every 7 minutes
  • Green Line rush hour trains, after the GLX opens, would come every 9 to 10 minutes, instead of every 7 to 8 minutes
  • Green Line off-peak trains, after the GLX opens, would come every 13 minutes, instead of every 9 minutes
  • Green Line "E" Branch trains would end at Brigham Circle instead of Heath Street/VA Medical Center

Commuter Rail service reductions in May 2021
  • End all commuter rail weekday service at 9:00 PM, several hours earlier than today
  • End all commuter rail weekend service
  • Reduce commuter peak-hour and midday service
  • Permanently close 6 commuter rail stations, including, on the Fitchburg Line:
  • Silver Hill station, Weston
  • Hastings station, Weston

Bus service reductions in July 2021
  • End all bus service at midnight, one to one-and-a half hours earlier than today
  • Eliminate 24 routes, including:
  • Routes 68, 79, and 351
  • Routes 80 and 88, after the Green Line Extension opens
  • Consolidate 19 routes and reduce frequency by 20%, including:
  • Route 62 & 76 - Currently operating on a consolidated route
  • Route 78 & 84 - Currently operating on a consolidated route
  • Routes 88 & 90
  • Reduce frequency of bus trips by about 5% on average on 80 routes, including:
  • Key Bus Routes 1, 66
  • Local Bus Routes 47, 64, 69, 83, 85, 91, and CT2
  • Reduce frequency of bus trips by about 20% on average on 60 routes, including:
  • Key Bus Routes 71, 73, 77
  • Local Bus Routes 70, 74, 75, 78, 87, 96, and 350
  • Eliminate suburban service subsidy for municipally-funded bus service
  • Lexington's Lexpress and Bedford's Bedford Local Transit (BLT)
  • Medford's 710 bus to North Medford
  • Also, Hull, Hingham, Canton, Beverly, and others.

The RIDE service reductions in July 2021
  • All trips will have a 40 minute window, an increase from 30 minutes today,
  • As a result of reductions in hours of service, certain trips will not be possible after certain hours:
  • No trips after 9:00 PM for trips parallel to commuter rail
  • No trips after 12:00 midnight for trips parallel to bus/rapid transit
  • As a result of route eliminations, some trips will be at a premium fare instead of the ADA fare, increasing by $2.25 per trip to $5.60
  • Locations where rate would increase include Bedford, Lexington, Beverly, Hull, Hingham, Canton, Stoughton, Newton, and Waltham
Other MBTA service and accessibility information
Current MBTA service

The MBTA has created a COVID-19 page for riders to view the most recent information on MBTA service. On this page, you will also find information on riding safer while on MBTA vehicles and in MBTA stations and buildings.
Escalator and Elevator Closures

The MBTA has closed the following escalators:
  • Central - #360 - Alewife platform to street level - due to maintenance

The MBTA has no closed elevators in Cambridge.