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October 2019
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November 2019
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Connecting to college and career readiness
Two of the resources that we would like to feature this month are the Texas Education Agency's Graduation Toolkit (2019) and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Texas Workforce Commission's Career Readiness Handbook .
The 2019 Graduation Toolkit provides updated information about the Foundation High School Program, benefits and explanation of the Distinguished Level of achievement option, endorsement choices, college and career checklists and resources. This guide is available in English and Spanish .
This Career Readiness Handbook is designed to help students develop a career path and consider their future employment possibilities as they move through postsecondary education. Topics include information about soft skills and hard skills, different types of careers, and information about internships and volunteerism. Although developed for college students, this can be a great resource for high school students working toward college and career readiness.
When is a district or charter school required to provide a summary of performance?
All students that receive special education services must be provided a summary of performance when they graduate with a diploma in Texas. This summary must also include, as appropriate, the views of the parent, student, and written recommendations from adult service agencies on how to assist the student in meeting postsecondary goals. 

When a student graduates who also received modified curriculum for one or more courses for state credit, a n evaluation must be included as part of the summary of performance . However, this could be a summary of pertinent information from the student's most recent evaluation as the summary of performance does not specifically require a new evaluation to be completed.
Where can I find the Texas Transition and Employment Guide now that the Transition in Texas website is no longer active?
The Texas Transition and Employment Guide is currently posted in two locations. You can find the guide on the TEA website by visiting the Secondary Transition Guidance page or you can find the guide posted on the new Texas Transition website.