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Transition Tool box
The Transition Tool box is a series of short videos and resource lists designed to provide a brief overview of some helpful tips and resources that we have found useful for families and youth with disabilities who are transitioning from high school to adult life in the Victoria Area.

Videos and Resources:


A special thanks to the following people for their contributions:

Lori Frank, Lori Frank Mediation
Cindy Nikolic, CYSN
CYSN Staff Team
Patrick Jobe, CLBC
Jessica Humphrey, CLBC
Lee Dellabough, VIHA and SD 61
Tammy Ishikawa, VIHA and SD 63
Krista Nakatsuka, VIHA and SD 62
Rachel Skidmore, Family Support Institute
Jo-el Brooks, Second Wave
Justine Dooley, CLV
Lara Foster, CLV

Please note: the resource lists will be updated on a regular basis. If you have any other resources to share we would love to hear from you. Please contact

Transition Resources

Connect with your Child and Youth Special Needs Social Worker at age 14 to start talking about transition to adulthood

phone 778-698-1224


Attend the CLBC Welcome Workshop series

In 2017 and 2018, CLBC involved hundreds of individuals, families and partners in a project designed to help people feel better supported. Individuals and families helped CLBC design a series of four CLBC welcome workshops. The goal was to help people feel better informed, more connected to other families and their community, and understand what to expect.

Each workshop is led by:
  • an individual already receiving CLBC supports
  • a family member
  • a CLBC staff member
CLBC's Welcome to CLBC workshops are a series of four 2-hour sessions held over a four week period.
The workshops are open to youth aged 16 and up, and their families; educators are also welcome to attend.
Youth, families and educators will receive valuable information about their community and CLBC to better prepare for the transition to adulthood.  The four workshop modules are:
1)      Getting Started:
This workshop introduces participants to the differences between the child and adult landscapes, provides basic information about Ministries and organizations an adult with a disability should be aware of, situates CLBC in the context of the adult landscape, and provides introductory information about topics of future workshops.
2)      Community Connections:
This hands-on workshop helps participants build new and stronger connections  with each other, identifies and recognizes participants' gifts, provides opportunity to discuss what is in their community that may interest them but they may not know about, and begins a conversation about what we can do together to create more inclusive community.
3)      Planning Choices:
This interactive workshop introduces the idea of person-centred planning, links planning to community assets, and provides information about the many ways that people can plan. It also introduces a personal summary tool individuals can use to start their plan for adulthood, and if they are interested in receiving CLBC services.
4)      CLBC - 'The Real Deal':
This informative workshop provides clear information about what CLBC is, its purpose, and how it is organized.  It introduces participant's to each of the services in CLBC's Catalogue of Services, explains how disability-related need is determined, provides information on how decisions are made about services, and explains Individualized Funding and micro board service models.  

The purpose of the Family Support Institute of BC is to strengthen, connect and buildcommunities and resources with families of people with disabilities in BC.  We believe that families are the best resource available to support one another. Directed by families, the Family Support Institute provides information, training, and province-wide networking to assist families and their communities to build upon and share their strengths.


FindSupport BC, the province's first comprehensive and searchable online disability resource database, brought to you by the Family Support Institute. FindSupport BC houses more than 1000 governmental and non-governmental resources in almost every region of British Columbia.

The Find Support BC Transition Orientation is an online orientation that supports youth and their families as they navigate transition-related planning for their youth with disabilities (ages 14-25). It includes a comprehensive check list, short descriptions of each step or item to consider,  helpful hints from individuals that have already gone through the process, and important links.

Community Mapping:  myCommunity BC is an online tool that engages citizens to share and celebrate the places in their community that are inclusive, value diversity, and are welcoming of everyone.

PLAN is guided by the vision of creating "a good life" for all people - including those with disabilities. We focus on five broad priorities:
  • A network of caring relationships to ensure connection & belonging
  • Having opportunities to contribute to our community as equal citizens
  • Living in a home that meets our needs
  • Being supported to make important life decisions

"Safe and Secure captures the wisdom and experiences of thousands of families and caring friends that have come through the journey. These families are united in the belief that we can create a safe and secure future for our loved ones with disabilities"  This book provides a workbook style process for families to begin and complete the future planning process for your relatives.

Community Living Family Support provides individualized supports to families to help navigate the system as youth transition from high school to adult services. Some of the supports we provided include person centered planning, support with schools and organizations to help advocate for continuity and adequate supports through transition, help with paperwork for PWD, Representation Agreements, education around transition, support with accessing grants and other services.

second wave
Second Wave is a parent run group that has been running for nearly 10 years. We offer information sessions that will help youth with developmental disabilities and their families plan for the transition into adulthood starting around the age of 14 to 25.

Our meetings generally run on the first Thursday of the month from September to June from 7 - 9 pm. Topics can include: finances, continuing education, advocacy, legal support, housing options, community inclusion programs as well as other informative topics.

Registration is not required and there is no fee to attend.
Jo-el Brooks  (

The VDRC offers a weekly workshop on how apply for Persons With Disabilities income assistance-- plus basic computer skills and other workshops. See what workshops are currently being offered by visiting this page.

The VDRC offers a weekly workshop on how apply for Persons With Disabilities income assistance-- plus basic computer skills and other workshops. See what workshops are currently being offered by visiting this page.

BCANDS works as the lead in Disability Management when a single or multiple group of organizations and agencies are involved with a particular individual and their disability related needs.  This eliminates the potential of duplicating services and assists to alleviate anxiety for our clients, their families and support systems, who may already be experiencing stressful and challenging conditions.
BCANDS assists and supports our clients, as able, acting as a liaison  / lead between various service agencies and our clients to address their needs and obtain or develop a variety of health and disability services. 

Victoria Native Friendship Center - Youth Support
Do you need help getting into school? Housing? Social Assistance? Finding a job? Do you need support going to appointments or for anything else? Do you have any questions? If you do please contact us


specializes in providing information and referral regarding community, government and social services in BC.

Cerebral Palsy Youth Navigator Program

High school graduation is a traditional time of transition. However, for youth living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, this transition is much more complicated as the graduate is no longer eligible for many through children's services until the age of 18. Youth with disabilities and their families must find their way through an often bewildering array of adult services to arrange the supports that they need.
The Youth Navigator Program will help people with disabilities make a plan for the future. We can be there to help you fill out the overwhelming amount of paper work and applications, find meaningful employment, get education and live more independently

Saanich Neighbourhood Place Youth Programs

Our Family Support Team have experience working with youth ages 11 - 18 who may be facing various challenges or mental health issues. We meet with youth at school or in the community and build a rapport through one-to- one support.

Youth Self Sufficiency Program

Are you a youth in foster care, on a youth agreement, or living independently? Do you feel unprepared for life after 19? Would you like to be a part of a voluntary program designed to build skills?

The Youth Self-Sufficiency Program can help you with:
  • Learning how to budget and manage money
  • Learning how to set education goals
  • Learning about renter's rights and responsibilities
  • Opportunities for job training
  • Relationship building
  • Life skills

For immigrant and refugee youth ages 10-25.

Is something bothering you at school or home? Are you confused by Canadian culture? Do you need a little help with your resume? Or do you just want to talk? Then come and visit us between Monday - Friday for some one-on-one help.

No need to register - just ask at reception

Foundry Victoria is a safe and friendly place where any young person or parent in our community can find easy access to the help they need, when they need it. We provide a range of prevention and early-intervention health and social services to support young people's well-being. Our services are free and confidential.

Ask An Advocate developed out of the need to be able to easily find basic and clear information about income assistance and other income support programs, disability benefits (provincial and federal), and tenancy; as well as to empower people to self-advocate. Through videos, answers to commonly asked questions in each section, Quick Reference Guides, training resources and links to other services, we strive ensure clear information is readily available in an array of simple to understand formats.

Youth Outreach and Navigator
This program helps youth navigate through the rough times, such as depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. A Specialized Youth Worker meets with youth to plan and implement positive changes for the youth and their family.
Our supports help you with:

*managing short term crisis situations
*connecting to other helpful resources
*navigating the mental health system
*transportation, advocacy, & representation


The Victoria Youth Empowerment Society [YES] offers services for youth and their family/caregivers throughout the Capital Region. YES welcomes all members of our diverse youth community.

YES has grown from an agency which was primarily focused on street entrenched youth to an agency which provides prevention, intervention, treatment and education for youth, their families/caregivers and the broader community. 

Services offered by YES include: youth and family counselling, community outreach, after hours pager access, referrals, assessments, specialized interventions, a missing youth system, assistance with health issues, advocacy, meeting basic needs (shelter, food, clothing, hygiene etc.), emergency crisis response (including emergency/crisis shelter services), community development, life skills training, independent living support/transitional planning, consultation and assistance with issues related to addictions, mental health, employments, housing, education, etc.


Please note, the CLV resource list is for information purposes only.  We do not necessarily endorse or recommend the services and programs listed outside of our agency services.

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