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Nourishment for our souls
can come from an alive word,
an image or a fresh place.
I found such nourishment last week
while on holiday in San Miguel de Allende,
an artist colony in central Mexico.



                  AN ALIVE WORD AS GUIDE   


On New Years Eve, while walking in the center of town,  I spontaneously asked my husband, Michael, "What do you see for us in 2013?" Without hesitating, he replied, with a simple and clear vision. "We work together while traveling"  His words were numinous for me- they glowed and sparkled. My intuition could see and feel the vision. Traveling internationally, we could speak, do workshops, Skype sessions, and I could share my traveling paintings.  Immediately the words, "Drs. Longworth & Samko" a title for this inner image,  arose within me. I saw our webpage!  Those alive words, "Drs. L & S", now anchor a part of the butterfly of our own becoming as a couple for 2013. Now those vibrant words can guide us in the transition we will go through  

this year to manifest it.  


Naming has power! See it, name it, create it.  


What will be your guiding word or image for 2013?   





New places can nourish us. Whether you go across town to a new sculpture park, or jump on a jet to a foreign country; taking an adventure to a new place can feed your soul and  

support your current transition. 




1. Right now, think of 2 places locally that you love.   

Perhaps in nature, at a park or a cultural  

institution. Now pick one that you imagine  

would give you the most energy. 


2. With this PLACE in mind, is there another  

similar place that you have never been;  

but would like to go to? For instance,

if you love the San Diego Museum of Art 

in Balboa Park, perhaps you could go to the   

Contemporary Museum of Art downtown?


3. With the vision of your new Fresh Place,  

get your calendar out now and schedule  

in a date for yourself.  Do it in pencil.  

You can reschedule it! If you hesitate,  

it may not happen... Do it now.


4. Write back and tell me how it was.   

Did you receive intuitive messages  

from your deeper self? How did it nourish  

you and the transition you're going through?  

What gift came from your time there?

Inspiring Creatives!
Connect with Others who Light your Fire

Inspiration often comes to me in surprising ways. Meeting Artist Anado and Richard in their San Miguel home, lit my creative fires.  Imagine walking through a home that is described as "Visionary Wonderland of Joy".  I had to share it with you, because this fresh place is like no other in the world.  Hope you drink in a litle "joy juice" looking at the photos of their home:

New York Times Article with lots of great photographs.. A must read.



to the next window on your computer  

by pressing "return"

and write me a note.

I love hearing from you! 


What will be your guiding image or word for 2013?


Are you currently in a transition?

Would you like support for gaining  clarity
and confidence in your life changes?

Call or write me.  I am here for you.  




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