June 2018        Smaller footprint. Stronger community.       TransitionASAP.org        District 12, St. Paul, Minnesota
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Together, let's nurture our community roots.  
Illustration by Madeline Harpell
Urban Growler Farmers Market 
Sunday, June 3, 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Urban Growler Brewing Co.
2325 Endicott Street, St. Paul 55114
Every Sunday until October, weekend grocery shopping meets summer fun at Urban Growler. This kickoff event is a celebration of Minnesota sunshine and locally-produced food, drink and fun. Come try the new brews, listen to local bands, and cross some errands off the list at the farmers market. Info.

Launch party: Celebrate low-carbon transit!
Monday, June 4, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Dual Citizen Brewing
725 Raymond Avenue, 
St. Paul 55114
The nonprofit Transit for Livable Communities will unveil its new name and expanded vision at this community event. TLC has merged with St. Paul Smart Trips, and they'll keep their offices at University & Raymond. Join them at DCBC, the tap room in their back yard! RSVP .  

Transition Tap
Tuesday, June 5, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Dual Citizen Brewing
725 Raymond Avenue
St. Paul 55114
New location for this month's Tap! Join the Transition folks to discuss climate-focused ideas for our community and taste DCBC's new cherry brew. Look for the Transition T sign (check the patio first).

Zero Waste St. Paul
Wednesday, June 6, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Merriam Park Library
1831 Marshall Avenue, St. Paul 55104 
This month's session will focus on creating Zero-Waste goals for the city: outreach and inclusion, garbage bin sharing, educational topics and workshops, and more. Come with ideas, and perhaps a small snack to share (in ZW or reusable packaging, of course!). Info.

Citizens Climate Lobby
Saturday, June 9, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
and speaker TBA. Live streaming available at noon.
Join in to hear from a valuable speaker on updates and perspectives in the politics of climate action.  Info.

MREA's 29th Annual Energy Fair 
Friday, June 15 - Sunday, June 17
7558 Deer Rd., Custer, WI, 54423
The mission of the Energy Fair is to take (and encourage) action toward a healthy future by promoting renewable, efficient energy with Earth in mind. The Midwest Renewable Energy Association hosts speakers, exhibitors, entertainment, nourishment, and over 250 workshops. This weekend-long event is jam-packed with climate-conscious fun!  Info.

Transition Your Money group
Wednesday, June 20, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Lori's Coffee House
1441 Cleveland Ave N., St. Paul 55108
Join us to explore how we can fund our values: see "Investing in co-ops" below. 
Investing in co-ops: Join us June 20 to learn how 
by Pat Thompson

If you wish you could be saving money while investing in community instead of the stock market, join us for this talk.

  Joe Riemann 
 of Cooperative Principal
Wednesday, June 20, 6:30 p.m.
Lori's Coffee House
1441 Cleveland Avenue North (at Buford) 

Joe will show us how others have started locally based investment clubs, where each person puts in a monthly amount and together the group invests in cooperatives locally or regionally. Two other groups already exist in the Twin Cities, and Joe is the founder of the first group. It's great for people of any age who are still saving for their future.

Joe's talk is hosted by the Transition Your Money action group, which meets every third Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at Lori's. All are welcome! Visit our web page. To get on the list for notifications, email Sherm Eagles at seagles@softwarecpr.com. 

Pat Thompson co-leads Transition Your Money and also heads our Transportation group. She is active with the boards of the SAP Community Council and the Creative Enterprise Zone, and the Friends School Plant Sale.

Transition TC is famous!
by Madeline Harpell 

In the latest  Transition US news, Transition Twin Cities groups are featured --  twice!   To honor a decade of Transition work, the national group highlighted 10 projects by groups around the States to inspire others to take action in their communities. The Grove of Life, our 2017 Northern Spark project, was chosen and our story is beautifully told  here .   Also featured: "Fare isn't the only cost in travel,"  which Michael  Russelle wrote for travelers to last summer's national Transition Gathering, then adapted for the Park Bugle. Learn how to work off your "carbon debt" for long-distance travel. Important read! 

It is fun that our work is noticed and appreciated, but what is most important is that we are working toward a positive, sustainable future together. How cool is it that we are part of a global movement? Let's keep up the good work!

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Logo by Pat Thompson. Transition "t" and Bee by Regula Russelle.
Neighbors discuss food access
by Kit Canright

Over the course of a lifetime, access to healthy food can change. For some St. Anthony Park residents, eating well has its obstacles. It might be cost, lack of transportation for shopping, or the challenges of cooking for one or preparing food for special needs. Lots of us lack the space or know-how for preserving and storing in-season foods at home. And unfortunately the Seal Hi-Rise food shelf closed in May, although the Sunday Table tradition will continue, with free fresh produce provided weekly from the SAP Community Garden. 

Improving healthy food access and use at all stages of life was discussed by a group of 25 SAP residents and accessibility specialists on May 24 at Seal Hi-Rise. Information about current and developing programs was shared. Some examples:
  • the weekly farmer's market at Urban Growler, opening Sunday, June 3
  • communal crop sharing through Incredible Edible
  • year-round food production using deep-winter greenhouses
  • classes on growing soil sprouts (microgreens) at home
  • farmer-to-consumer programs at The Good Acre  
But maybe the most valuable aspect of the meeting was the 
sharing of life stories, building understanding and, thus, better solutions. To share your ideas, contact the St. Anthony Park Community Council's Equity Committee: sapcc.org. 

Kit Canright  leads our Sustainable Food and Land group, organizing workshops on composting, canning, pickling, fermenting, and growing greens indoors. She's also a section leader in the SAP Community Garden.
Incredible Edible: Free-range food to share
by Nadine Horchner

Inspired by "How we can eat our landscapes"-- a Ted Talk by Pam Warhurst-- St. Anthony Park's Incredible Edible group is reimagining the neighborhood's underused public spaces and planting berry, herb, and pollinator gardens for everyone to harvest. For a second year, local volunteers and organizations are cooperating to make these Incredible Edible gardens possible.

Last summer, thanks to St. Paul Parks and Rec (SPPR) and SAP Community Foundation sponsorship, a Berry and Pollinator Garden took root in an unused Parks and Rec planter by the tennis courts at Raymond and Carter. It features currants, delectable yellow raspberries, a North Star cherry tree, honey berries and bursting-with-flavor alpine strawberries. A path invites everyone to explore and taste whatever is ripe, while bees and butterflies get a feast of their own. Nearby residents help water and weed and are happy to chat with passers-by. The goal is not major fruit production, but rather connection between neighbors, education about edible plants, and enjoyment of a berry grazing spot for all. 

At Raymond and Carter, the new Berry and Pollinator Garden is flourishing.

Library visitors found free rosemary on offer  last fall-- grown on site. 

The SAP Garden Club has been an eager supporter, helping start an Herb Garden by the SAP Public Library last summer, with basil, sage, curly parsley, lavender, and rosemary creating a lush green landscape and aroma. In the fall a bountiful herb harvest was put out by the entrance for everyone to enjoy. Look for the same this year, with the addition of free recipes. 

Eagle Scouts got expert tips from Phillipe Gallant and Mary Maguire Lerman of the Garden Club.
Incredible Edible and SPPR also partnered with the local Eagle Scout troop last fall to plant five apple trees at the Hendon triangle, near the northern edge of St. Anthony Park. The trees were donated by the Friends School Plant Sale.  V olunteers are watering and pruning the trees for the long term and hope to bring fresh apples to the community in a couple of years.

2018 brings a new project, also sponsored by the Garden Club. Working with SPPR and Langford Rec Center, our local Tiger Scouts are replanting the area just east of the Rec Center. The Scouts did the soil prep and weeding. Now it's time to plant! Join us to help put in shrub cherries, blueberries, raspberries, and pollinator-friendly flowers.

Incredible Edible Planting Session
Saturday, June 9, 9:00 am 
 Langford Recreation Center (in Langford Park)
Tools and garden gloves provided, or bring your own 

With a long-term Garden Club affiliation, the group hopes to continue making our neighborhood even more Incredible and Edible. If you live near any of these gardens and are interested in casual volunteering to help maintain them, please email nadinehorchner @gmail.com. Learn more on the SAP    Garden Club site , and explore the international Incredible Edible Network

Nadine Horchner
is a physician who lives in St. Anthony Park. Early in 2017 she launched the neighborhood's Incredible Edible group, channeling her passion for gardening and community-building.
"Summer of survival" 
Support local businesses during Como Avenue rebuild
by Madeline Harpell

As most St. Anthony Park dwellers know, the construction along Como Avenue has begun. The project, conducted in stages through this fall, will span from Brompton (Health Partners) to Commonwealth Avenue. We'll gain an improved street and water line

Let's support all the businesses in the SAP Como Avenue district, including: 

  • Bibelot
  • Colossal Cafe
  • Complexions on Carter
  • Finnish Bistro
  • Frattalone's Ace Hardware
  • Healing Elements
  • Karta Thai
  • Little Wine Shoppe
  • Micawber's Books
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Tim & Tom's Speedy Market

system, but meanwhile, the project has put some  local businesses in a difficult position, as construction will entail some detours and may discourage customers. A handful of these businesses have banded together and deemed these coming months,  both humorously and seriously,  the "summer of survival."

What can we do to support them? Their livelihood and staying afloat truly depends on their loyal customers. That means us!  Instead of avoiding potential traffic by going to different coffee shops, restaurants, and hardware stores, endure the detours ! Whether by car, bus, bike, or foot (preferably the latter two!), these businesses need our support now more than ever.   More information on  construction .

Madeline Harpell  is an interdisciplinary artist, gardener, teacher, learner,  Transition ASAP intern, and recent graduate of the University of Minnesota. She is passionate about connecting and collaborating with others, mindful living, and being outside.
The Transition Town - All Saint Anthony Park initiative grew from the Energy Resilience Group, a subcommittee of the Saint Anthony Park Community Council's Environment Committee. Visit the SAPCC website to learn more about Saint Paul's District 12 neighborhood projects, including the Creative Enterprise Zone. Lend a hand!   Our purpose:  To raise our understanding in Saint Anthony Park of climate change, the limits of fossil fuels, and the adaptation of our community that is possible and positive.   What's a Transition Town?   It's a community starting the transition from a fossil-fueled, energy-intensive way of life to a more satisfying, locally oriented community with increased stability in disruptive times.