Action Bulletin: April 2015     Smaller footprint. Stronger community.     District 12, St. Paul, Minnesota
In this issue:
  Tell us your visions for the neighborhood. Here, our ideas flow through the pen of Amy Sparks, a leader in St. Anthony Park's Creative Enterprise Zone.   photo: Duane Schriever



Transition Tap

Wednesday, April 1, 7-9 pm

Urban Growler, 2325 Endicott, South SAP

At this monthly pub get-together, float your sustainability ideas over a craft brew. Bring friends! Look for Allie, Kevin, and the table with the "transition T" sign. 

Citizens Climate Lobby meeting

Saturday, April 4, 11:45 am

Macalester Campus Center, 2nd floor

1600 Grand Avenue, St. Paul

Today's speaker (via conference call) is George Marshall, author of "Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change." At these nationwide chapter meetings, speakers focus on climate-related topics. Visit CCL's website for info.



Solar Power for Your Home

(and a demo tiny house)

Saturday, April 4, 1-2 pm

Roseville Library, 2180 Hamline Ave.

Learn about solar electric, hot water, and hot air systems from Rebecca Lundberg of Powerfully Green. Before and after the talk, see the solar components in the "tiny house" on loan from the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society. Free, but register at the Ramsey County Library website: click on Events, then Calendar. 


Meet the Bus

Saturday, April 18, 1:00 pm

Bus shelter, NW corner of Raymond & Como

If you've never ridden the bus--or if you want to learn more about our public transport system--join us for an intro. We'll take the 87 bus to Hampden Park Co-op and return soon after. Learn about schedules, "Go-To" cards, and more. Bring $1.75 fare; more for co-op errands if you wish. Questions? email Pat T


Minnesota Climate Rally

Wednesday, April 22, starting at noon

Spend Earth Day at the Minnesota State Capitol: raise your voice for climate action. Hear speakers from MN-350, Interfaith Power & Light, the Will Steger Foundation, and more. Enjoy food and live music. Take the Green Line train to the Capitol/Rice Street stop. Visit the rally's Facebook page for info. Rain date April 23.


Reflective Circle

Monday, April 27, 6:30-8:30 pm

location TBA

How is climate change changing us--our spirits, our values, our habits? Each month, the Reflective Circle provides a welcoming space to attend to this deep challenge, listen, and find ways forward. Join us once, twice, or every time. Plan to stay for the full two hours. Locations rotate; check web page for updates.


When people keep telling you 
that y ou can't do a thing,
you kind of like to try it.

 --Margaret Chase Smith
Join a Transition Town action group
Find out more at our website, Visit a meeting and join in. Contacts:


Community solar:   Steve Yetter  and  Barry Riesch
Home energy curtailment:   Tim Wulling
Housing options:   Phil Broussard
Reflective Circle:   Marilyn Benson,   Ranae Hanson
School liaison:   Mimi Jennings
Sustainable food and land:   Kit Canright Lois Braun
Transportation:   Pat Thompson
Zero waste:   Gary Carlson  and  Brandon Sigrist
Start a new group:   Michael Russelle
We welcome your input. 

the sidewalk's open too!
791 Raymond Avenue  

Contribute to  Transition Times ASAP  and to our website: send  news stories, feature ideas, calendar items, photos, and poetry to  editor  Mindy Keskinen.
Our website  was built with  grant funds from the St. Anthony Park Community Foundation and the ongoing support of the SAP Community Council. We're also grateful for support from the Metro Clean Energy Resource Team Pat Thompson designed our Transition Times ASAP  logo.  Regula Russelle made the Transition "t."
Take the survey by Saturday, April 4
What are your top priorities as we respond to climate change? 
Do you live, work, study, or gather with others in St. Anthony Park--anywhere on this map? If so, tell us how you think we should we plan for a smaller footprint and a stronger community as our climate changes. 

I n this simple online survey, choose from several lists of sustainability ideas: which are your top picks for our neighborhood? There's space for your own ideas, too.  Please submit it by Saturday, April 4.

Can you help us extend our reach?  This week, share the survey link with people you know--people whose voices may still need to be heard.  Cut and paste the link above, or suggest a visit to our website, where the link is
on our home page ( The survey is  one step toward planning a more resilient neighborhood, less fossil-fueled and more community-reliant: see our  " 2040 Plan "  page, too. You'll find p aper copies of the survey at
  • Hampden Park Co-op, on Raymond at Hampden
  • SAP Community Council office, 890 Cromwell 
  • SAP Branch Library, on Como at Carter, downstairs
  • Speedy Market, on Como at Doswell
Note: The St. Anthony Park Community Council is also in a long-term planning process. Please respond to that survey, too. We'll be collaborating.
The many faces of St. Anthony Park

Our community stretches north from I-94 about two miles, spanning several neighborhoods-within-the-neighborhood, all part of St. Paul's District 12. We are home to the Creative Enterprise Zone's artists and entrepreneurs, to renters and homeowners, two shopping districts, several nonprofits, schools, businesses, and other employers small and large.  For example... 


We live in many residential mini-communities...

...with many faith congregations among us...

...businesses small and large...

...nonprofit groups...
(above, Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute

...five schools, elementary through high school... care... excellent co-op...
...and a welcoming library.

Whatever your roots here in St. Anthony Park, let us hear from you. Take the survey, and let's work together for a smaller footprint and a stronger community.

The Transition Town - All Saint Anthony Park initiative grew from the Energy Resilience Group, a subcommittee of the Saint Anthony Park Community Council's Environment Committee.  Visit the   SAPCC website  to learn more about Saint Paul's District 12 neighborhood projects, including the Creative Enterprise Zone.  Lend a hand!

Our purpose:
To raise our understanding in Saint Anthony Park of climate, the limits of fossil fuels, and the adaptation of our community that is possible and positive.

What's a Transition Town? 
It's a community starting the transition from a fossil-fueled, energy-intensive way of life to a more satisfying, locally oriented community with increased stability in disruptive times.