Ricardo leads a hybrid meeting

Life seems to be about transitions lately.  We just celebrated Christ’s Resurrection.  That event was the beginning of the greatest transition of all time…the transition between the now and the not yet…the transition between the old covenant and the new covenant…the transition between the first and the second coming…or as Ricardo said in his Resurrection Day sermon, “we live between the beginning of the end and the end of the end.”
But there are day-to-day transitions to.  Since we no longer must wear masks outside (a recent transition in Colombia), our washing machine frequently spits out masks that were forgotten in pants pockets.  Construction on our building seems to finally be transitioning to the “almost finished” stage. And we are transitioning over-the-hill, Ricardo turned 50 on April 8 and I’ll turn 50 on May 8 (AARP has been hounding us to sign-up for months!).  Ministry wise, on-line meetings are embraced due to practicality rather than necessity and hybrid meetings (part on-line part in-person like the one pictured above) facilitate more participation.  
Transitioning to Travel
1st annual meeting in Bolivia
Since our last newsletter, Ricardo has presided over annual meetings in Bolivia and Puerto Rico.  It was the first of its kind in Bolivia as they transitioned from being under Chile’s leadership into full Mission District Status with Pastora Teresa Saravia as their leader. A whole delegation traveled to Bolivia with him to explore the possibility of Pr. Juan Carlos and Yaneth moving there as international missionaries. (Juan Carlos and Yaneth are standing behind Pra. Teresa as she is commissioned for her new role by Ricardo & Pr. Patricio of Chile.). Pray for Wisdom for Juan Carlos & Yaneth as they seek God’s will and transition into new ministry opportunities.

Jonathan traveled with Ricardo to Puerto Rico where they toured a recently purchased property that the church hopes to transition into a place where true community transformation will take place. Superintendent Mercedes Reynoso is leading excellent ministry there.  Pray for the ministries in Bolivia and Puerto Rico.  
He and Jonathan are scheduled to travel to Peru May 19 to 24 where Ricardo will preside over the annual meeting in Cusco.  As the 9th highest city in the world, we’d appreciate your prayers for their lung capacity.
Ministry Transitions
God is doing great things in Latin America!  It is just a privilege to be able to participate or sometimes even sit back and watch the changes He is orchestrating.  The Argentinian Mission District which experienced such a difficult leadership transition at the end of 2021 is thriving under the new leadership of Pastor Rodrigo Rosado!  They just hosted a leadership retreat where they poured into the current and next generation of leaders.
Kids praying in CR
In Venezuela, an already transformational ministry in the city of Caracas is opening a medical clinic and an addiction rehab facility thanks to a grant from a partner organization.  Our relationship with key leaders in Guatemala continues to grow to transition into the full adoption in the Latin American FM family.  The “Raíces” children’s curriculum that has been translated, adapted, expanded, and improved from the original “Roots” material is being rolled out in several countries (the pictures show children in Costa Rica receive God’s word through “Raíces”).  In Mexico they expect its implementation to usher in revival and church growth.  The list could go on… Please pray with us for God’s guidance to do His will, His provision to carry it out, and His protection over the people who serve Him faithfully.
Missionary Family Transitions
We are walking through a period of grief with our missionary family…Rodrigo Rosado’s mother passed away at the end of last year.  He and his family will be traveling to Peru in May for a memorial service.  Dan and Hope Owsley recently traveled to the USA to celebrate the life of Dan’s mother who graduated to heaven in February.  Last Saturday, Leo Godoy’s (husband of Kay Stott’s Godoy) father passed away unexpectedly. Please keep these families in your prayers.
We are thankful that we will all be able to comfort and celebrate with one another in-person soon.  The whole missionary family will be together in Ecuador from May 29 – June 6.  While our original plans had to change due to covid restrictions, we are excited about the new location and invite your prayers for this much needed time together.
Gomezes in April
Perhaps our biggest personal transition is our preparation for an emptier nest.  Jonathan has decided to move to Kentucky where he will live with my brother’s family to finish high school.  Jonathan and I will accompany Ricardo to Kentucky for meetings in May to prepare for his official move in July.  Our washing machine will probably be spitting out mascara-stained tissues in a few months!

Transitions can sometimes be difficult and painful.  Transitions can also be exciting and rejuvenating, filled with hope and new possibilities. Juliana’s transition to college-life has certainly been a combination of all of it.  

Transitions are a natural part of life…in fact they are signs of growth.  Let’s pray together that God will give us all the grace to transition easily into whatever He has in store for us.  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

May His name be praised as we transition through life,
Ricardo, Beth, Juliana and Jonathan
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