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Frank Lorenzo III
Business Development 

Frank Lorenzo III has more than 15 years of sales and high-profile leadership experience.  Frank worked as the lead sales representative in the heavy construction industry and was portfolio manager for the largest numismatic organization. During that time he helped launch major national sales campaigns, trained sales staff members and raised the bar for sales performance.   
Frank is known for his professional presentation and personable nature.  In addition to his professional achievements, Frank is active in the community, supporting local school fundraising efforts, and volunteering as a UNOS ambassador.  Frank received his B.S. from Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is currently a firefighter with Jefferson Parish Fire Department.

  Summer 2019

Guidry & East brings you  Transplant Insider ,   a quarterly publication comprised of resources and news vital to developing your transplant business solutions for growing transplant programs, improving transplant operations, and the transplant financial product line.
We look forward to being your provider of the latest policies and procedures in quality patient care.

We offer expert consulting services to Transplant Centers to bring efficiency, improve financial results, and enhance quality patient care.

In today's world - for many programs - your Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Program patients are your pre-transplant patients. The new allocation system implemented in October 2018 has resulted in more Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) patients receiving transplants. In response to the impact of the MCS patient population upon heart transplant programs and transplant outcomes, Guidry & East offers a host of available products in that venue.  We have four clinical partners and a cadre of independent consultants with clinical, administrative and financial expertise in this field.

Guidry & East, LLC offers the following MCS Program Products:
  • Feasibility Study/Proforma/Partnering with a Transplant Center
  • Financial Audit for DRG Assignment
  • Temporary Device Reimbursement Maximization
  • Financial and Operational Assessment of MCS programs
    • Staffing
    • Equipment Management
    • Data Entry
    • TJC Survey Prep
      • Gap Analysis
      • Mock Survey
    • Quality Analysis including Policy and Procedure Review
  • Staff Coaching
  • Staff Competency Assessment
  • On-Site Peer Team Review of Outcomes
  • Off-Site Outcomes Chart Review
  • Quarterly Retainer Agreement
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Latest News

2019 Deedle Heckenkemper Leader in
Transplant Administration Award Winner
Executive Director of The NYU Langone Transplant Institute

Guidry & East is so proud to congratulate
Brigitte Sullivan
Executive Director of The NYU Langone Transplant Institute on being awarded the 2019 Heckenkemper Award. 
Liver Policy Reverted to DSA-based Model

Effective May 24, 2019, at 10:15 p.m. EDT, the median MELD at transplant (MMaT) scores for liver candidates with exception scores are now based on recent liver transplants performed at liver transplant hospitals within the donation service area (DSA) where the candidates are listed.

Read article here.
OPTN Board Approves Updated Heart, VCA Allocation

Richmond, Va. - The OPTN Board of Directors, at its meeting June 10, approved new geographic areas to match heart and vascularized composite allograft (VCA) transplant candidates with available organs from deceased donors. Both systems will now be based on distance from the donor hospital to the transplant hospital, replacing fixed and irregular donation service area (DSA) and regional boundaries.

Read article here.
Outcomes of Liver Transplantation for Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis: A European Liver Transplant Registry Study

Little is known about outcomes of liver transplantation for patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). We aimed to determine the frequency and outcomes of liver transplantation for patients with NASH in Europe and identify prognostic factors.

Read study  here.
Medicare Advantage and Part D Drug Pricing Final Rule (CMS-4180-F)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a final rule on May 16, 2019 that modernizes and improves the Medicare Advantage and Part D programs. These changes will ensure that patients have greater transparency into the cost of prescription drugs in Part D and   will also enable Medicare Advantage plans to negotiate better prices for physician-administered medicines in Part C.

Read article  here.
Heart and Lung Transplants from HCV-Infected Donors to Uninfected Recipients

Hearts and lungs from donors with hepatitis C viremia are typically not transplanted. The advent of direct-acting antiviral agents to treat hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection has raised the possibility of substantially increasing the donor organ pool by enabling the transplantation of hearts and lungs from HCV-infected donors into recipients who do not have HCV infection.

Read article  here.
The intention-to-treat effect of bridging treatments in the setting of Milan Criteria-IN patients waiting for liver transplantation

In patients with hepatocellular cancer (HCC) meeting the Milan Criteria (MC), the benefit of loco-regional treatments (LRT) in the context of liver transplantation (LT) is still debated. Initial biases in the selection between treated and untreated patients have yielded conflicting reported results. The study aimed to identify, using a competing-risk analysis, risk factors for HCC-dependent LT failure, defined as pre-transplant tumor-related de-listing or post-transplant recurrence. The study was registered at (ID:NCT03723304). 

Read article  here.
Successful Clinical Transplantation of Hearts Donated After Circulatory Death Using Normothermic Regional Perfusion

Heart transplantation (HT) from donation after circulatory death (DCD) has yet to achieve wide clinical application despite the encouraging resultsreported recently. In this study we describe 2 cases of successful adult DCD HT performed at our institution using an original protocol. 

Read article  here.
Heart transplantation from Donation-after-circulatory-death (DCD) Donors: Back to the Future - Evolving Trends in Heart Transplantation from DCD Donors

Heart transplantation from donation-after-circulatory death (DCD) donors is not new. The first human heart transplant performed by Christiaan Barnard in 1967 was from a DCD donor, as were the heart transplants performed by other surgeons in the months that followed. After the establishment of brain-death criteria in 1968, virtually all donor hearts for the next 36 years were recovered from donation-after-brain-death (DBD) donors. Between 2004 and 2007, surgeons in Denver, Colorado, performed 3 infant heart transplants from pediatric DCD donors.1 The protocol was designed to minimize the functional warm ischemic time of the donor heart with colocation of donor and recipient in adjacent operating theaters. Femoral arterial and venous catheters were placed in the donors and heparin administered before withdrawal of life support (WLS). 

Read full article  here.
Listing Heart-Lung Candidates

If your program has a candidate that needs both a heart and a lung transplant, you should register them separately on the heart, lung, and heart-lung transplant waiting lists in UNet SM . You can find this practice referenced in Policy 3.4.C - Candidate Registrations which says that transplant programs must register all multi-organ candidates on the waiting list for each required organ.    

Read article  here.
Transplant Nutrition Google Group List Serve Fact Sheet

Who can join the Transplant Nutrition List Serve?
This list serve is targeted to transplant dietitians caring for candidates, recipients and living donors.    
How to join the Transplant Nutrition List Serve?
Existing Google Users
1.       Email group owner to request membership.
Sign into Google Groups .  In the box at the top, search "Transplant Nutrition."  Click Apply to join group (the group is invite-only).  The group owners will then approve your application shortly before you can participate. 
  NO Existing Google Account
1.       Sign up for Google Groups here (any email can be used)
2.       Email group managers to request membership
Sign into Google Groups.  In the box at the top, search "Transplant Nutrition."  Click Apply to join group (the group is invite-only).  The group owners will then approve your application shortly before you can participate. 
Can you join the Transplant Nutrition List Serve without having a Google account?
Yes, but with limited functionality.   A group owner can add you to the list serve where you can create and receive posts.  However, you will not be able to change any settings or access helpful features such as archived posts and daily summaries.
Can you add a secondary email for the Transplant Nutrition List Serve such as a work or home email?
Yes, a secondary email can be utilized for the list serve but can only be added by a group owner.  Please email one of the group managers if you would like to add a secondary email.
Can I receive daily summaries of Transplant Nutrition List Serve posts?
Yes, when signed into google groups you have several options of how to receive posts on the list serve including a summary of all posts each day.                                 
Who are the group owners for the Transplant Nutrition List Serve?
Asa Eliasson -
Anne Marie Rivard  -
Dan Pieloch -

Conference Attendance

Alexander Aussi, BSN, RN, MBA - CEO, Guidry & East, LLC
will be speaking at the conference Sunday, July 21st at 9:00am
View full agenda here.

UNOS Transplant Management Forum 2019

We greatly enjoyed our time at the 2019 Transplant Management Forum in Orlando.
Guidry & East would like to thank specifically those who took the time to stop by our booth!  We had a great conference and hope you did too!

Guidry & East is looking forward to being a sponsor and exhibitor at the 2020 UNOS-TMF, and to see all of you again next year in Las Vegas, NV, April 6-8 at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino.

We enjoy getting to know transplant professionals from all over the nation.
VIDEO:  Benefits of Sponsoring and Attending the Transplant Management Forum

Tim Stevens, BSN, RN, CCTC 
Guidry & East, Chief Operating Officer


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