Center Update
Along with 13,000 talent development professionals from around the world, the Center's ISD team members Julie Deibel-Pundt and Amri Joyner attended the annual ATD conference and expo at the Washington DC Convention Center, May 19-22. The Association of Talent Development is a professional membership organization supporting those who advance workforce development. This annual conference offered many opportunities to examine current and future concepts and technologies in assessing, developing, and delivering training. Julie and Amri attended workshops that would bring value to the Center's public transportation partners including workshops on training delivery, mentoring, micro-learning, competency-based learning, merging technologies within the eLearning framework, creating meaningful PowerPoints, measuring learning, innovative ways for determining training needs, and so much more! Learn more about ATD at
Public Transportation
Mass Transit - May 24, 2019
The APTA Bus Safety & Security Excellence Awards recognize public transportation organizations for their innovative and proactive safety and security programs. It also provides value to the industry by benchmarking successful programs so other public transit systems can adopt them and derive similar benefits.
Wired - May 24, 2019
Public transportation and other local agencies, working with nonprofits and local community groups, have established these programs for several reasons. Some are motivated by equity, by the idea that everyone, no matter where they live or how much they make, should have access to public resources.
Transit System/Partners
Metro Magazine - May 20, 2019
In pursuit of these goals, TARC is focused on embracing state-of-the-art technological advancements that improve the customer experience and provide the service today's customers demand. Offerings include, Wi-Fi on every bus, charging stations for mobile devices, bus rapid transit service to downtown (coming January 2020), and a dynamic trip planner. Customer amenities, such as the recent move away from paper tickets to an electronic-fare system (MyTARC) and its new TARC mobility app, continue to set the agency apart and take it closer to its larger goal of becoming the mobility manager for the region.
Route Fifty - May 20, 2019
San Francisco's BART System doesn't just tweet back at people complaining on social media, but also tries to tap into the information to help guide maintenance, cleanup, and repair in real time.
Metro Magazine - May 27, 2019
When testing began last fall, the buses achieved lower-than-expected distances on one charge. Over the course of several months of testing, IndyGo confirmed a strong correlation between vehicle range for the BYD K11 buses and outdoor temperature. The organization worked with BYD to develop a solution, which will utilize wireless charging technology.
The Baltimore Sun - May 24, 2019
The new site, designed with a mobile interface, is part of a larger shift in the MTA toward using technology and real-time data to track buses and improve the system, the administrator said. The MTA's Bus Operations Performance Squad ["BOPS"] gathers the data and meets for two hours every other week to discuss how to solve problems on its worst-performing routes.
Building Transportation Infrastructure
Governing - May 28, 2019
Roughly a third of them mentioned water infrastructure, pedestrian facilities or infrastructure spending. Nearly a quarter mentioned public transit.
International Transportation News
Next City - May 29, 2019
About 140,000 riders checked out the new rapid transit line for free on its first day of service. The Sydney Metro Northwest line runs 36 km (22.4 miles) from Chatswood northwest to Tallawong. The line combines the 13-km (8.1-mile) former Sydney Trains underground line from Chatswood to Epping at its southeast end with a new 23-km line from Epping to Tallawong, 15.5 km (9.6 miles) of which runs in a twin-bore tunnel from Epping to Bella Vista.
Green News
Curbed - May 21, 2019
A pair of new reports by the World Resources Institute (WRI) offers a comprehensive look at the state of electric bus adoption and provides a roadmap for the technology's possibilities. Barriers to Adopting Electric Buses and How to Enable Electric Bus Adoption in Cities Worldwide present case studies from 16 different transit agencies in China, Europe, and the U.S. as part of a how-to guide to electrification. The reports also include advice on coping with new technological, financial, and institutional challenges.
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