June 2018

All meetings are open to the public. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held in the WILMAPCO Conference Room.

June 5, 3 p.m.

Air Quality Subcommittee
June 14, 10 a.m.

Congestion Management Subcommittee
June 14, 1 p.m.

Public Advisory Committee
June 18, 6:30 p.m.

Technical Advisory Committee
June 21, 10 a.m.

In case of inclement weather, please call (302) 737-6205, or toll free from Cecil County at (888) 808-7088 for cancellations or postponements.

For updates or more information on upcoming WILMAPCO meetings, please visit www.wilmapco.org
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Transportation news and events from the
Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO). 
WICity of Wilmington Transportation Open House 
You are invited to a Transportation Open House Public on Wednesday, June 20 at the Wilmington Public Library, 10 E 10th Street, Wilmington. Attendees are welcome to stop by anytime between 4 and 7 p.m. The workshop will highlight several transportation projects proposed for the City of Wilmington, including three WILMAPCO studies:  
  • 9th Street Enhancements, Phase 2
  • Brandywine South Pedestrian Improvements
  • Concord Avenue Streetscape, Phase 2
  • Old Brandywine Village Streetscape
  • Southbridge Streetscape, Phase 2
  • Walnut Street Pedestrian and Streetscape Improvements
  • Two-Way King Street
  • I-95 Viaduct Improvements
  • Garasches Lane/A Street Improvements
Rt9 Route 9 Corridor Public Workshop
You are invited to learn about and discuss the Route 9 Corridor Master Plan. Join us at a public workshop on Monday, June 25 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at the Rose Hill Community Center's Senior Center, 19 Lambson Ln, New Castle.   
The Route 9 Corridor Master Plan, completed last year, established a 20-year redevelopment vision for the corridor. It made concept level land use and transportation recommendations, based on strong community guidance and input. 
Roundtable discussions at the workshop will allow you to hear about recommendations and voice your ideas.  Recent implementation efforts include having local labor hiring preferences for transportation construction contracts, prioritizing the recommended transportation projects, and incorporating the land use recommendations into the County's Comprehensive Plan. DNREC will also be on hand to discuss several important local environmental initiatives.    
This workshop is being hosted by the Route 9 Monitoring Committee, a diverse group of community and government representatives working together to implement the plan.  Childcare, Spanish interpretation, and light snacks will be available. To learn more, please visit www.wilmapco.org/route9 or contact: Bill Swiatek at (302)737-6205 ext. 113 or bswiatek@wilmapco.org or Jake Thompson at (302) 737-6205 ext. 116 or jthompson@wilmapco.org.
POSWILMAPCO Public Opinion Survey Results are in 
WILMAPCO has conducted a survey of the region's residents since 1997. For 2018, the survey was updated and the results are in! Nearly 9 in 10 respondents feel the transportation system meets their travel needs at least "somewhat well." Although, nearly 20% "always" or "sometimes" are not able to get to important activities, like grocery shopping or doctors appointments, due to problems with access to transportation. Just under half of respondents (47%) feel that transportation planning is done well in the region and very few (15%) are aware of how transportation projects are selected, with only 10% aware of the long-range regional transportation plan. To view the full survey results, please visit www.wilmapco.org/survey-results. 
Local News
MDBikePlanMaryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Public Workshop 
MIMDART First State's Mobility in Motion Initiative Underway 
For many Delaware residents, transportation to work, school, medical appointments, shopping, and social or community services may be a hardship. The Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC), operating as DART First State Transit, has launched  Mobility in Motion. This initiative invites Delawareans to envision and provide critical input on the future of mobility in Delaware.  To learn more, please visit www.MobilityDE.org or to take an online survey, please visit goo.gl/d6kz2B.
MBUFMileage-Based User Fee Study 
According to a DelDOT release, "The I-95 Corridor Coalition, with DelDOT as the lead, has launched a three-month pilot study to begin exploring the feasibility of replacing the current fuel tax with a Mileage-Based User Fee (MBUF).The Coalition was awarded $3.1 million for a multi-year, two-phase study as part of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives (STSFA) program." To learn more, please visit www.i95coalitionmbuf.or g .
CecilSafetyCommittee Convenes to Address Cecil Highway Safety 
According to the Cecil Whig, "County officials took their first public step toward creating the Cecil County Strategic Highway Safety Plan aimed at reducing the number of fatal crashes, as well as collisions in general. They held a meeting to provide information gathered, thus far, by the 12 agencies and municipalities working jointly on the project and to solicit input from citizens. The goal is to draft the strategic highway safety plan by August, before submitting it to County Executive Alan McCarthy in September. To view the source article, please visit www.cecildaily.com/news/local_news/committee-convenes-to-address-cecil-highway-safety.html

OzoneReport: 'F' Grade 19 Years in a Row 
According to an American Lung Association report, "For the 19th year in a row, New Castle County received a failing grade for ozone pollution, which has gotten worse over the last few years. The association's annual State of the Air report compiled national air quality data collected from 2014-2016 related to ozone, a chemical that creates smog or haze especially along high traffic and populated areas such as the I-95 corridor, and short- and long-term particle pollution, which is often called soot. The report found that in 2014-2016, New Castle County recorded 25 days with high ozone compared to three days in Kent County and seven days in Sussex County." To learn more, please visit  www.lung.org.

DARTDART Bus Service Changes 
According to a DART First State release, "Changes to DART Statewide Bus Services became effective on May 20, 2018. Highlights of the changes include a new Sunday morning round trip on Routes 2 and 6; Route 13 downtown routing change; and Route 18 express trips were added. Real-Time Transit Information is available on the free DelDOT App (iOS and Android), as well as on DART's Trip Planner at www.DartFirstState.com. For more information, please call 1-800-652-DART.
DieselPA-DE Diesel Truck Replacement Program
Did you know that newer and cleaner diesel equipment can lower emissions in your community, reduce fuel consumption, improve engine reliability, extend the life of equipment, and lower maintenance costs? PA-DE Diesel Truck Replacement Program is a grant funded program that will provide up to $30,000 down payment to qualified fleets that wish to upgrade their equipment and help improve air quality in the Philadelphia and Wilmington port areas.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Medessa Burian at msburian@umd.edu or phone (301) 405-7371. 
National News
AVPreparing Communities for Autonomous Vehicles
The American Planning Association (APA) published a new report, titled "Preparing Communities for Autonomous Vehicles." The report summarizes the findings of a symposium and research on the implications of autonomous vehicles for cities and regions. It is intended for planners and local government officials involved in land-use planning, urban design, and transportation. Readers will learn about the need to plan for the potential benefits and negative impacts of autonomous vehicles and what steps they can take now to prepare their communities.  To learn more, please visit www.planning.org/publications/document/9144551/ .

RetireesRetirees will Outnumber Children for the First Time in US History 
A report by the Census Bureau found that by 2035, adults over the age of 65 are expected to outnumber children under 18 for the first time in United States history.  To learn more, please visit www.cnbc.com/2018/03/14/retirees-will-outnumber-kids-for-the-first-time-in-us-history-report.html.

WalkingPerils of Walking in USA Increase 
According to the News Journal, "Pedestrian fatalities in the USA have skyrocketed 46% since 2009, creating a public health crisis as researchers try to understand the reasons. The increases far outpace other traffic-related deaths, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Almost 6,000 pedestrians were killed by motor vehicles on or along America's roads in 2016. Distraction behind the wheel, texting while walking and even marijuana legalization have been tagged as potential culprits in research."  To view the source article, please visit www.pressreader.com/usa/usa-today-us-edition/20180508/281487866982662.

RoadtozeroRoad to Zero Coalition Releases Vision for Eliminating Roadway Deaths by 2050 
According to the National Safety Council, "The Road to Zero Coalition, managed by the National Safety Council, released a comprehensive report laying out strategies for ending roadway deaths in the United States by 2050. It is the first time in the nation's history that so many organizations have collaborated to put forth a comprehensive plan to address motor vehicle fatalities, which have recently increased after years of decline. The Coalition identified three main initiatives to reduce roadway fatalities:
  • Double down on what works through proven, evidence-based strategies;
  • Advance life-saving technology in vehicles and infrastructure; and
  • Prioritize safety by adopting a safe systems approach and creating a positive safety culture."
To learn more, please visit www.nsc.org/road-safety/get-involved/road-to-zero.

BackupCamAll New Cars in US Required to have Backup Cameras 
According to ABC News, "All newly manufactured vehicles to be sold in the U.S. are now required to have backup cameras equipped as a standard feature. Advocates for the rule hope the milestone will lead to fewer instances of drivers backing into people due to a lack of visibility."  To view the source article, please visit https://abcnews.go.com/US/cars-us-now-required-backup-cameras/story?id=54854404