June 2020

All WILMAPCO meetings are open to the public and are being held virtually. For meeting login information, email [email protected].  
June 2, 3 p.m.
June 4, 10 a.m. 
June 15. 6 p.m.
June 18, 10 a.m.
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Transportation news and events from the
Wilmington Area Planning Council (WILMAPCO). 
Freight Freight Fridays
Join us for Freight Fridays during the month of June!
In lieu of the annual Delmarva Freight Summit, this year the event will be transformed into a weekly webinar series throughout the month of June. Each Friday in June from 9-10:30am we will host a webinar which will cover a variety of freight-related topics and  industry experts. Freight Fridays are being hosted through a partnership of the Delaware Department of Transportation, Dover/Kent County MPO, Salisbury/Wicomico MPO, the University of Delaware's Institute for Public Administration, and WILMAPCO. For registration information, please visit www.wilmapco.org.

Covid WILMAPCO COVID-19 Transit Ridership Analyses
With many bus riders staying at home and reduced daily bus runs, our region's bus ridership plummeted by 70% during the COVID-19 pandemic. That exceeds a 40 to 50% decline in car traffic on the region's major roads. WILMAPCO conducted a high-level scan of the reduced service bus coverage to the region's vulnerable populations.  We found, for example, that about 35% of households within food deserts in New Castle County were beyond easy walking distance to a bus line with direct, relatively frequent service to a supermarket. We shared these results with DART and Cecil Transit for future consideration when making routing adjustments. Check out the next issue of the Transporter, our printed quarterly newsletter, for more information.  If you do not already receive the Transporter, sign up by emailing [email protected].
Local News
WTC Wilmington Transit Center Opens 
According to a Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) release, "DTC has announced the opening of the Wilmington Transit Center, located at Front and Walnut Streets, operating as the new transfer location for most DART bus routes in downtown Wilmington. The new transit center has the capacity to have up to 10 buses stage at one time allowing bus layovers without blocking city streets, and offers riders a smoke-free covered, seated waiting area, real-time bus displays, ticket sales, WiFi, USB charging stations, vending machines, and bike racks with a bike repair station. To learn more, please visit www.DartFirstState.com or call 1-800-652-DART.

DTC DART Resumes Full Bus Service
According to a Delaware Transit Corporation (DTC) release,"DART will resume full-service levels starting Monday, June 1, with the exception of the seasonal Beach Bus services in the resort areas. Front door boardings and fare collection will also be reinstated. DART will continue to limit the number of passengers allowed on each bus at any given time and riders must wear face coverings. Children 12 years and under are not required to wear a face covering nor are individuals who are unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition; children ages 2 and under must not wear them. Please practice social distancing when riding, including while waiting at a bus stop with others.  Please do not ride the bus if you are sick." For more information, please visit www.DartFirstState.com or call 1-800-652-DART. 

I95Restore the Corridor I-95 Rehabilitation Project
Restore the Corridor Wilmington is a significant DelDOT transportation project along the I-95 corridor in Wilmington that will make the repairs needed to extend the bridges' service life and avoid major and costly rehabilitation work for a minimum of 30 years. Planned construction includes the repair of 19 bridges, I-95 pavement, and ramps within the project limits. Major construction on I-95 is expected to start in spring 2021. There will be periods of time where only one lane of I-95 is open in each direction. To learn more, please visit https://restorethecorridor.com/.  
CensusCensus 2020 Self-Response Dashboard
According to the Maryland Planning Blog, "For the first time, respondents to the U.S. Census can complete their Census survey online, by telephone, or the more traditional way, by U.S. Mail. And for the first time, anyone - from planners, politicians and teachers, health care advocates and private citizens - wanting to see the results as they unfold, can do so online." To view the dashboard, please visit https://2020census.gov/en/response-rates.html.  
ClimateChangeDelaware Residents' Opinions on Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Full Report Available Online
The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) has initiated a series of public perception surveys to measure the Delaware public's knowledge of, and interest in, the issues of climate change and sea level rise. According to the latest survey, most Delawareans believe climate change and sea level rise is happening, and a majority say we should act now to reduce their impacts. To learn more, please visit  https://dnrec.alpha.delaware.gov/coastal-programs/planning-training/adapting-to-sea-level-rise/climate-change-perceptions.   
UBPUrban Bike Project to Distribute 200 Bikes in One Month
According to an Urban Bike Project (UBP) release, "UBP has distributed more than 200 bikes over the last month through no-cost giveaways and affordable sales. The campaign is made possible in part by a grant from the Laffey McHugh Foundation in response to an increased demand for bicycles during the Delaware's Stay-at-Home Order. Since Delaware Governor John Carney's Stay-at-Home Order, Urban Bike Project has seen a 180% increase in demand for bike sales and a 60% increase in traffic to its Free Bike Program." UBP is currently accepting bike donations. You can help UBP by scheduling a drop-off or pick-up. To contact UBP call (302) 300-4323 or email [email protected].  
National News
AQ Traffic Air Pollution May Be "Key Contributor" to COVID-19 Deaths
According to The Guardian, "high levels of air pollution may be 'one of the most important contributors' to deaths from Covid-19, according to research published in Science of the Total Environment. The analysis shows that, of the coronavirus deaths across 66 administrative regions in Italy, Spain, France and Germany, 78% of them occurred in just five regions, and these were the most polluted. The research examined levels of nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant produced mostly by diesel vehicles, and weather conditions that can prevent dirty air from dispersing away from a city. A separate study published by Harvard University looked at fine particle pollution in the US and found that even small increases in levels in the years before the pandemic were associated with far higher Covid-19 death rates. To learn more, please visit www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/apr/20/air-pollution-may-be-key-contributor-to-covid-19-deaths-study.

StateofEarthState of the Earth in Numbers
According to USAFacts State of the Earth in Numbers Report, "Using data sourced from the Environmental Protection Agency, FEMA, the US National Park Service, USDA Forest Service Forest/Wildlife, the Energy Information Administration, and other government entities, the State of the Earth report provides a data-driven portrait of America's energy, climate, and environment."  To learn more, please visit www.earthday.org/stateoftheearth.  
OpenStreetsIn A Pandemic, Transportation Ushers In A New Age Of Agile Experimentation
According to Forbes, "COVID is pushing cities to quickly plan everything from pop-up bike lanes, temporary parklets, and transit recovery services to keep residents safe and moving. This pandemic-and the distancing required to stop the spread-has created an instant transportation crisis for densely populated cities. We must find new ways to achieve the goals placed on transportation service delivery." To view the source article, please visit ww.forbes.com/sites/tiffanychu/2020/05/11/transportation-agile-experimentation.