Volume 1 Issue 18 | July 30, 2020
Transportation Planning Newsletter
Chair: Kristina Swallow, Nevada DOT Vice Chair: Lynn Weiskopf, New York State DOT

The Committee on Planning addresses all aspects of the transportation planning process including federal regulations, current industry practices, and emerging approaches and concepts. The committee is dedicated to providing State DOTs the expertise, resources and tools they need to implement a robust planning process within their agencies that is multimodal, multidisciplinary, innovative and consensus-oriented.
Committee News
TPM Target Settings Five-Part Webinar Miniseries
Announcing a special five-part webinar miniseries addressing topics in transportation performance management (TPM). Each session will include an FHWA-led introduction followed by expert presentations and audience Q&A. Register today or learn more on the AASHTO TPM Portal at: https://www.tpm-portal.com/tpmmini

The Transportation Performance Management (TPM) pooled fund project helps contributing members to research and assess training and educational needs, develop and deliver training, and facilitate the sharing and retention of performance management best practices. The TPM Portal website is part of this effort, intended to showcase PM best practices, foster collaboration, and serve as a repository for PM resources.
Episode 4: Target Setting for System Performance Measures
  • August 12, 2020 - 2PM EDT
This webinar covers transportation agency target setting for federal PM3 system performance and reliability, including policy, planning and performance considerations related to target setting. Presentations will address data gaps, modeling and forecasting for system performance targets, and moving the needle on the national system. 


State departments of transportation are actively supporting their residents, businesses and local communities in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak. And in turn, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials is working to support state DOTs in those efforts.

AASHTO remains committed to responsibly following federal and state recommended workplace actions related to COVID-19. We hope you’ll find the resources available at https://www.transportation.org/home/covid19/ useful.

If AASHTO staff can assist you with comments or questions regarding COVID-19, please email us at committeeonplanning@aashto.org.
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