We all know that race and culture matter, especially when fostering or adopting transracially. Some of your licensed or soon-to-be licensed families may not have experience with diversity. We’re here to help. We want to take this opportunity to highlight a new recording that has been added to our Transracial Parenting Series. In this recorded panel, Transracial Adoptee Panel Fall 2021, four adult adoptees share their experiences as they talk about race and the racism they faced while growing up. Their accounts of the adversities they faced as a child of color raised in a white family offer many similarities to foster youth being cared for by white foster parents. Our panelists include sisters who were adopted as infants and were raised in the same home but came away with differing viewpoints. They are joined by a Korean adoptee who lived in a community with a lack of diversity and a former foster youth raised in a transracial family and now a parent in a transracial family. These adults share the challenges they faced and discuss how their parents could walk beside them on their journey. 
In addition to this webinar, our Learning Path contains seven additional webinars listed below:

These recorded webinars are free, can be accessed at any time, and can be watched in any order. If you have a family in need of more transracial parenting resources, just give us a call or send us an email, and we would be happy to provide additional resources. Also, remember that our free Lending Library has a searchable database that is available at any time!