Transtech's COVID-19 Response
On behalf of the Transtech Team, we sincerely hope you, your colleagues, and your loved ones are healthy and well. These are challenging and unprecedented times. At Transtech we are hopeful and look forward to better days we know will come back. In light of all that we are facing, we wanted to take a moment away from our normal quarterly newsletter and instead share Transtech's response to this pandemic and how we are adapting to the needs of the governmental agencies we serve during these critical times. We have been working together with our Client Cities to be innovative in our approach for virtual services for ongoing continuity to their communities.

What Transtech is Doing
We would like to take this time to let you know that we have been closely monitoring the current health challenges and how it has been impacting City Services. The Transtech Team is fully committed and is standing by the communities we serve during this critical time as we all continue to navigate through and monitor the impacts of COVID-19.

At Transtech, the safety and well-being of our Client Cities and our Team Members is always our priority, and we recognize the important role we play in providing governmental services during this time.

Internally, we have issued notices to all Transtech Team Members working inside City Halls, field project sites, and across our Transtech Offices emphasizing social distancing, following CDC and other regulatory preventative guidelines. We have implemented procedures such as a 4-day wait on any mail/package handling, spacing out work areas, having staff work from home, and virtual meetings.

We have also created a designated email, ; in which any email sent will be distributed to our management team. This is our own activated Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to effectively deal with the ongoing developments as they may arise, please feel free to email us at
How Transtech is Adapting their Services
Transtech has integrated many technological assets into its services to provide the most efficient and cost-effective government service for the Public Works, Building & Safety, and Community Development Departments we serve. 
If you would like us to set up a demo of any of the below services to show you real examples of how these virtual services work, or even set up mock portals for your agency, please feel free to reach us at or give us a call, toll-free at 855-595-2495.
We would like to provide some highlights of our response to our current Client Cities and how we are adapting and customizing our services as a result of COVID-19.

  • Transtech has long implemented all necessary and vital electronic tools, software and remote workflows to provide its services. Having such tools and software deployed, Transtech has been able to provide essential services with no service disruption to its Client Cities during this time.
  • Transtech’s virtual workstations and cloud servers allow all Transtech personnel to work remotely from virtually anywhere using their smart phones, laptops, or tablets.
  • Transtech utilizes Microsoft Teams virtual video/audio meeting system, and conducts client meetings virtually with all stakeholders.
  • Transtech retains work files electronically on its cloud servers, providing real-time access to project stakeholders. Ease of access to information provided by Transtech minimizes face to face meetings.
  • Transtech utilizes electronic/online bid management systems providing electronic bid/proposal submittal options, which eliminates or minimizes walk-ins to City Hall. Transtech has helped our Client Cities transition to fully electronic bid/proposal submittals during City Hall closures.
  • Transtech has implemented electronic/online plan review portals for our Client Cities.
  • Transtech has been instrumental in adopting electronic plan check workflows by using our own electronic plan check system provided to our Client Cities. The Transtech team has prepared and successfully implemented custom plan check portals for Client Cities and has delivered electronic plan checks during City Hall closures.
  • Transtech has worked closely with the City Finance and IT Departments to implement electronic/online payment workflows, as well as provided training to eliminate any service disruption to accepting and processing permit applications via email.
  • Virtual Inspections have been implemented for occupied buildings through the Building and Safety Departments we serve.
  • We have set up designated toll-free numbers with assigned operators and email distribution lists for continuity of our virtual government services.
  • Transtech also began hosting Virtual Community Workshops and Meetings for client agencies for Transportation Projects to collect community feedback and input through online video presentations and online surveys. If you would like a demo, please contact us.
Virtual Building and Safety Services
In honor of May being Building Safety Month and the 40th Annual Recognition of Building and Safety, we wanted to highlight how we have integrated innovative virtual services and exciting new procedures throughout the agencies we serve.

Transtech provides fully automated electronic plan submittal, checking, and tracking. As a result of recent impacts of the pandemic, we have also implemented issuance of permits through email submittal and review, without direct face-to-face interaction with applicants. We have provided toll-free telephone numbers and video conference calls with applicants to discuss any questions and review plans on common screens as necessary, as well as assist the City in setting up of electronic debit and credit card payment options.
Live Virtual Plan Check Counter Meetings: We have implemented live virtual plan check counter meetings directly between applicants and our plan checkers. We have set up an interactive online calendar which has been customized for the needs of our Client Cities through their Building and Safety page on their website. Applicants can directly book and schedule appointments during the available counter hour times and dates. Once an appointment is booked, the applicant receives an automated confirmation with the meeting details. They are easily able to edit, change, reschedule or cancel their appointment any time from the comfort of their home. When their appointment time comes, the applicant simply clicks the link provided to them to be connected directly to their plan checker to review any comments and answer any questions they may have via video conference call. Services for virtual plan check appointments not only provides efficiency and expedites plan checking but also allows for general questions, plan revisions, and rechecks. We have also coordinated the designated appointments with the applicants to ensure that the permit technician is available in real time to check the City permit documents if needed. Applicants are easily able to directly share their screens with the plan checker to go over their plans.
Drone and Virtual Inspections: Transtech is now offering drone as well as virtual inspections for certain types of work, as well as extended the inspections to the interior of various occupied structures and businesses. We are utilizing drones for simple roof inspections. Additionally, we are utilizing Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing where we have set up our field inspectors with our senior inspectors at home to properly inspect field conditions. 
Electronic Plan Check Portal Submission: Transtech has implemented direct plan upload portals for Electronic Plan Check submittals. We have set up custom dedicated portals easily accessible on the City Website for our Client Cities on with direct online login and access to upload plans that automatically get transmitted and matched with the appropriate plan checker based on the type of plan check needed.    
Contact Us for a Demo
If you have any questions or would like to set up a demo of our virtual services please feel free to reach us at or give us a call, toll-free at 855-595-2495.
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