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Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania  is a 144-page campaign setting and sourcebook! It will be available in print (softcover or hardcover) and electronic (PDF) format. It is fully illustrated, with color cover and B/W interior art. Goodman Games is publishing it under license from Flying Buffalo. The book is written in a systems-neutral style like all  Grimtooth  books, with DCC RPG stats compiled in an appendix at the back. Click on over and show your support today!

The Kickstarter ends tomorrow! And remember: this is the ONLY way to get a copy of the long-lost eighth Grimtooth book: Grimtooth's Lair ! This is your only chance to get a copy of the rare adventure Grimtooth’s Lair , which is being reprinted for the Kickstarter but will not be distributed to stores afterward.

Do not delay! Make your pledge today for this great new setting, and pick up the elusive Grimtooth's Lair at the same time!
The long-lost eighth Grimtooth book!

At the Origins Game Fair in 1983, a small independent publisher (whose name is now lost to time) produced an unauthorized bootleg product called  Grimtooth’s Lair . This digest-sized booklet included artwork and intellectual property owned by Flying Buffalo, which was utilized without permission. The booklet contained “a tournament designed to be run with any role playing system, by any devious GM who wants his players to think, instead of just hacking through.” The content is an entertaining dungeon romp filled with traps. The production values are vintage 1983—typewritten pages and hand-drawn maps—and the content is fun.

Rumors of  Grimtooth’s Lair  have persisted for decades, particularly among those close to the Grimtooth community, but no copies were known to exist.

Until now.

Thanks to the assistance of uber-collector Bill Meinhardt (owner of one of the largest RPG collections in the world), Goodman Games has managed to track down the only known copy of  Grimtooth’s Lair  in existence. In our ongoing efforts to preserve RPG history and make it available in more accessible, enduring formats, we will be reprinting Grimtooth’s Lair for our Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania Kickstarter. This add-on for the Kickstarter campaign will ONLY be available in print, and will not be offered for retail sale afterwards. This is your only chance to get this rare and elusive book.

Do not delay! This is the end of the campaign. Get your copy now!
Where things stand right now!

The last time Grimtooth ran a Kickstarter, it took off like wildfire.  (I love fire!! – Grimtooth)  This time around, we want to keep the Kickstarter simple and easy to fulfill. But we’re still adding a couple stretch goals in case you humans want to throw even more gold at Grimtooth!

  • At $20,000, the books will have fancy printed endsheets! CLEARED!
  • At $40,000, we will include a poster map of TrapsylvaniaCLEARED!
  • At $45,000, we will include a new Grimtooth mini-comic by Steve Crompton!

And above that, we have other ideas. Grimtooth said he wants a sticker with his face on it, and a poster map of his airship, plus scenic postcards that can double as player handouts, an art print, and more!