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This is a special newsletter bringing you information about changes to how we do trash in Jacksonville. The City Council approved a new 8-year contract with Republic Services to lock in competitive rates and bring a new and improved collection system using universal trash carts for residential and commercial hand-collect customers. Rollout of the new system will begin in early December and will be complete by early January. 


  • Cleaner neighborhoods with less litter (bags are still needed)
  • Rolling cans are easier to move 
  • Capacity is typically larger than standard trash cans
  • Carts keep out rodents and pests
  • Clearing define what will be picked up
  • Carts maintained by the provider


Rate changes will be effective January 1st. Those who already rented the black City cans will see a minimal change to their bill. All other residential customers will see a less than $3 per month increase to their trash bill. 

Pickup Schedule

The pickup schedule will remain the same at twice per week. Per city ordinance, trash cans must not go out before 6pm the night before your scheduled pickup and must be removed from the curb before 8am on the day after pickup.

Carts will no longer be serviced in alleyways as the trucks servicing these carts will not be able to fit in the alleyways. Carts must be placed at the street.

Personal carts and black City of Jacksonville carts will no longer be serviced. You must put all of your trash in the new blue Republic cans once you have received yours.

All trash must be inside the cart. Trash piled next to the cart will not be picked up after January 1.

Bulky Pickup Services

You have two options for using our bulky pickup services when your trash will not fit in the cart. The best option if you expect to have more than one pickup in a year is our subscription service. $5 per month gets you one pickup per month or up to 12 per year. There are no size limits to the pickup if you are a subscriber.

$5/month = Up to 12 Pickups/Year


Pay when you use the service. Pricing is below.

Brush Only


Pick Up Truck Load


Dump Truck Load




If I rent a City of Jacksonville trash can what do I do with it?

  • The rental fee will be dropped effective January 1, 2023.
  • Based on the age and condition of the City of Jacksonville cans, it is in the best interest of the City and customer to leave these cans at residences. These cans may not be used for curbside collection after January 1, 2023. If you would like your City of Jacksonville can disposed of, please contact the City at 903-586-3510. 

May I still use the City of Jacksonville trash can (or my personal trash can) for curbside service?

  • No, the new curbside service requires use of the Republic Services 95-gallon carts. 

What if I need more space?

  • Residential customers may obtain up to three (3) additional 95-gallon trash carts from Republic Services. Additional carts for an additional monthly charge. Contact Republic Services at 903.586.5324 or 903-586-1499 for more information. 

What if I have items that will not fit in the new 95-gallon carts? 

  • There are two easy options for these items:
  1. The City of Jacksonville offers curbside bulky trash collection services to all residential customers. Click here to learn more or email bulky@jacksonvilletx.org.
  2. Customers may haul items to the landfill located at 440 Heath Lane. The hours are Monday-Friday 7 am – 4 pm. Fees apply, bring your water bill and ID for a citizen discount. The landfill accepts cash, credit, and check or payment.


Is there assistance for disabled residential customers?

  • Yes, Republic Services offers assistance to those households that have no able-bodied persons to transport the cart to the curb and back. Please contact Republic Services at 903-986-5324 to setup this service. A physician’s note may be required. 

Has the City considered curbside recycling service?

  • Yes, the City has explored the addition of curbside recycling service. Currently, there are limited options, and none are cost beneficial to the customer. 

Can I take my recyclable items anywhere?

  • Yes, the landfill located at 440 Heath Lane will accept your non-glass recyclable items at no cost.
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