Dear TIS Network, 
This month our focus is on disability justice and healing. We understand and recognize how our public systems serve and create stories of healing and of harm for people with both visible and invisible disabilities and continue our commitment towards working at the intersections of systems change, justice, and healing for all.

Special note to parents and caregivers with children who are atypical learners and may be feeling especially impacted with distance learning at this moment. We see you. We see you advocating, teaching, loving, and creatively imagining how our schools can recover in ways that are more loving and just for all students. We are with you in this struggle.

"We define disability broadly to include people with physical impairments,
people who belong to a sensory minority, people with emotional
disabilities, people with cognitive challenges, and those with
chronic/severe illness. We understand the experience of disability
to occur within any and all walks of life, with deeply felt connections to all
communities impacted by the medicalization of their bodies, including
trans, gender variant and intersex people, and others whose bodies do not
conform to our culture(s)' notions of "normal" or "functional."
In Solidarity,

The staff at Trauma Transformed
Trauma-Informed Systems (TIS) was created to humanize bureaucracy and center equity - tasks that are especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Resources for Supporting Disability Equity
in the Time of COVID-19
TIS Principle: Compassion and Dependability
Trauma is overwhelming and can leave us feeling isolated or betrayed, which may
make it difficult to trust others and receive support. However, when we
experience compassionate and dependable relationships, we reestablish
trusting connections with others that foster mutual wellness.
graphic: not all of us can "take a walk" to feel better
Supporting Compassion and Dependability

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Frontline Workers Counseling Project
During these times, front line workers may be experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, confusion and much more. Fortunately, help is at hand. Free mental health counseling is available to all Bay Area frontline workers through the Frontline Workers Counseling Project. Learn more