Dear TIS Network, 
This issue we are focusing our newsletter on the principle of the month Safety and Stability and providing a variety of resources for all those who are supporting young one's with so much love and courage during this time of instability . We honor your work and extend a deep appreciation for all that you do. We hope the collective work of driving systems change promotes a deeper value , appreciation, and much needed material supports for the very hard and human work of raising our youth.
In Solidarity,

The staff at Trauma Transformed
Trauma-Informed Systems (TIS) was created to humanize bureaucracy and center equity - tasks that are especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Resources for Supporting Families
in the Time of COVID-19
photo of parent homeschooling child
Pandemic Caregiving
If you are a caregiver- we praise you. You are navigating and adjusting to new challenges on top of your other responsibilities in your life in a context with few solutions. We hope you feel some grace in this storm. Thank you for showing up. We hope that in this newsletter's resources you find some tips for promoting your and your family's wellbeing or resources to help you support your loved one's goals for learning.

Resources for Supporting:

Learning at Home