Dear TIS Network, 
This issue we are focusing our newsletter on the principle of the month, Understanding Trauma and Stress. It might seem odd to focus on joy during this time, but we are feeling odd this month. Stressors are increasing without end in sight, so it can help to focus on increasing our resources rather than decreasing or coping with stressors. To this end, let's prioritize joy as both resource for healing and resistance to oppression. Join us in centering JOY, during the time of ‘Rona and Rebellion.
In Solidarity,

The staff at Trauma Transformed
Resources for Finding Joy and Community
in the Time of COVID-19
Finding Joy, Beyond Guilty Pleasures; Embracing Pleasure Activism

Creating Joy Collectives

  • Being kind to others lights up the pleasure centers of our brains. Make joy a collective act. 
  • Send letters, poems, or drawings to first responders, essential workers, or elderly people who are sheltered in-place.
  • Start collecting spare change or a small amount of money every day, with the intention of donating it to a charity of your choice. 
  • Run an errand for a friend or order food for them. Helping others with even something small can be a big stress reducer right now. Food apps like Caviar offer the option to deliver a meal as a gift. 
Create Sacred Spaces for Joy
Create a sacred space just for you. If you have children, have them create a space just for them. Ideas might include:

  • a meditation cushion next to your favorite plant
  • an altar to all beings, places, and activities that bring
  • you joy
  • a corner of the room with a candle or aromatherapy diffuser
  • a joy mixtape, a Spotify or iTunes list
  • a vision practice
  • just moving your body 

Meet Shawana Booker, the new Trauma Transformed Center Director
Shawana is Oakland born, an avid gardener, and fuels her approach to healing and liberation. She comes to Trauma Transformed with a rich background in serving systems-involved young people and their families through her experience in program oversight, clinical supervision, child crisis work, and individual and family therapy services in various settings. She also brings her infectious laugh, love and boundless joy as critical competencies of healing. 

What brings Shawana joy? Laughter, eating healthy, hiking with her doggies, her own community garden (Evie’s garden), watching Christmas movies--even though she doesn't celebrate, time with friends and family, and international travel.