Dear TIS Network, 
We recognize the many ways Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) has disrupted our lives and has left us trying to adapt and adjust. We are inspired by the ways in which individuals and communities continue to come together to support one another during this challenging time. This is our strength and resilience in action. This issue of our newsletter focuses on the Principle of the Month Resilience and Recovery to support you in your work and wellbeing. We invite you to explore the resources in this issue and share those you find useful with others. 

Thank you for all the important work that you do.  
In Solidarity,

The staff at Trauma Transformed
Trauma-Informed Systems (TIS) was created to humanize bureaucracy and center equity - tasks that are especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to explore this newsletter with resources on how to apply TIS principles to this moment of COVID-19.
In this together: TIS resources for supporting
one another during COVID-19
Principle of the Month : Resilience and Recovery
Trauma can have a long-lasting and broad impact
on our lives that may create a feeling of hopelessness.
Yet, when we focus on our strengths and clear steps,
we can take toward wellness we are more
likely to be resilient and recover.
Supporting Resilience and Recovery:

For Self:

For Systems:

  • Implement a buddy system. Pair colleagues together to get to know and support each other’s well-being through checking in with each other regularly, monitoring stress levels and workloads, encouraging the use of wellness practices and breaks, and promoting safety. Learn more about the buddy system (PDF)

  • Make sure staff are aware of and know how to access supportive resources available to them, such as the Employee Assistance Program and important Human Resource contacts.