June News
We say goodbye to Lindsay Maroun this month. She and her husband will be moving to Georgia. We will miss Lindsay's her passionate spirit and exceptional classes. We wish you well Lindsay!
For those of you hanging around this month we have lots to do. We are holding our first ever trauma series with Monique Rogers. We will be exploring how trauma 'holds' in our bodies and how through yoga we can identify and release it.
Ashley Scott's sisterhood workshop is back by popular demand. This workshop is part sharing, part yoga and leaves you transformed and empowered. Ashley is also starting up another class on Sunday afternoons for all level of practitioner.
Lastly, Stephen and Katherine are doing a summer solstice yoga class with live sound healing and a fire ceremony after.
As always thank you for your support!

15 extra minutes
75 minute Massage with Barbara Nix
Every massage is customized to your specific body.
Hot stones, chinese cups, therapeutic grade essential oils and CBDs are included to help you feel your best!
3 for $120 Yoga Couture
Summer Special
3 private yoga classes for you and up to two other people. Work on building a foundational practice with friends, or how to rehab an injury or how to get into a pose you never thought you could!
Price Changes
As we work to serve you better our prices are slightly going up June 1st.
Keep in mind we do work trade if you need assistance.
Unspoken Voices: A trauma informed group series
Monique Rogers
At the core, trauma is about the loss of connection – to ourselves, our bodies, to our families, to others and the world around us. And, this loss of connection is often difficult to recognize because it can happen slowly over an extended period of time. We learn to adapt to the small changes without much notice. What we do notice is a sense that we do not feel quite right.

“Unspoken Voices” is taught by organizational psychologist and trauma informed therapist, Monique Rogers. This series will detail how the body holds trauma and techniques to help restore balance.
“A key to moving through trauma is learning to separate out the sensations, thoughts, images, and emotions of habitual traumatic patterning. When we can do this, these things begin to lose their hold on us. This is often where healing begins.” - Monique Rogers, MS, E-RYT

Series 1 June 5- How the Body Holds Trauma
Series 2 June 12- Releasing Trauma and Restoring Balance
Series 3 June 19- Creating a Practice of Transforming Trauma
Price $89 and includes supplies, early bird price $79
Sisterhood Circle June 24th
with Ashley Scott
The Sisterhood Healing Circle is a shared experience that celebrates women, self-care, movement and breath. When women come together to hold space for each other, reflect, share, and empower, healing happens. Through guided activities, poses, group sharing, and self-reflection time participants will gain tools to practice self-care and facilitate their own healing.
Summer Solstice Flow with Sound Healing
Lead by Katherine & Stephen Winters
Fire is one of the fastest ways to transform energy. We will harness fire, light, sound in this class as we flow to the live sounds of gongs, singing bowls and digaredoos. We will write down the things that no longer serve us, that hold us back from shining our light out into the world. At the end of class we will have a fire ceremony, know as Puja, throwing our intentions into the fire and watching them transform into smoke and float into the night sky!
Free Community Yoga
Every first Friday we are at the Bakersfield Museum of Art at 6pm in their beautiful garden.
Every 2nd Saturday we are at 17th Street townhomes at 12pm.
Come join us for yoga and then go support our growing, thriving downtown Bakersfield!

The lighter side...
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