Retreat Center of Maryland is offering a special workshop on Sat., Oct. 27, on teaching trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation for yoga teachers, meditation teachers, and other health professionals who work with trauma survivors. 
Yoga and meditation are known to help promote healing for individuals who have experienced trauma - whether from emotional or physical abuse, sexual assault, war-time experience, natural disasters, illness or other difficult experiences. Those who attend “Teaching Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and Meditation” will learn how to help their own students work with the mind, body and breath in ways that foster healing, resilience, self-awareness and self-compassion. Participants will learn that each class is uniquely geared to the needs of students, but it starts with a safe, supportive, respectful environment.

How will “Teaching Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and Meditation” help every teacher be a better teacher? Click here for the event flyer , or ask questions at . Online registration still open.