Please note that starting today we are under a weather advisory for the next few days. If you have any non-essential travel, please consider postponing until the weather improves. 

Safety is our first priority and we want to make sure everyone is safe. We have a lot of groups on the road starting tomorrow (with the PD day in EPSB), and we want you all to arrive (and return) safely from your awesome adventures!

If you feel that it is safer to postpone your trip, we support you. If you are still committing to your trip, Be Prepared and know we are here for you, too!

If you do need to travel, please make sure you have a charged phone, extra blanket, warm clothes, snacks and other winter driving essentials. It is also strongly encouraged that you let someone know when you leave and when you have safely arrived at your destination. Check out the graphic below for more Winter Driving Tips.

Also, if you are outside, please watch yourself, your youth and fellow Scouters for signs of Frostbite and Hypothermia. Although Scouts Canada does not have a formal guideline on when to cancel meetings, our recommendation is that groups follow their local school board's recommendation on when activities should be moved indoors. For example, Edmonton Public School Board recommends that when temperatures (along with the windchill) drop below -23 degrees Celsius, that activities be moved inside.

When Scouting in these chilly temperatures, please make sure to plan accordingly. Skin can freeze within minutes when temperatures drop to these levels, and the youth can be affected at different rates than Scouters. Please adjust your plans to ensure everyone has a safe, fun adventure!

Take it easy this weekend, stay warm, and see you all back next week!