Sky Bird Travel & Tours is devoted to getting your clients the best travel products, but also ensuring our agents are being rewarded for their hard work. This commitment to excellence extends far beyond delivering high-quality accommodations.

For those who book pre-paid hotels through the WINGS platform, you can enjoy 15% commission and $5 USD cashback* for every pre-paid hotel booking! But you must act quickly, this deal ends on September 30th!

Here’s how you can redeem this extra special offer:

  1. Login: Sign in to your WINGS account
  2. Search: Find hotels across popular destinations worldwide
  3. Book: Pre-pay for the hotel on WINGS
  4. Earn: Get your 15% Commission + $5 Cashback*!

*Cashback earnings will be accrued after the booking is consumed. This special offer is in addition to your current cashback rewards, redeemable on prepaid hotel bookings only.

GET YOUR 15% + $5 TODAY!
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