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By: Amanda Williams-
MLB teams need catchers at Spring Training. They just don't want to pay them. By: Ted Berg
Pitch after pitch sizzled in, popping like gunfire as they blasted into catcher Jorge Saez’s glove. On a muggy Sunday last month, the day before position players were due to report to the Yankees’ spring-training facility... Continue reading here.
Photo: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images
M ovement screening for Baseball Athletes. By: O nBaseU
This article discusses the physical screen (TPI) and the power test developed by Dr. Greg Rose. The power test is comprised of a vertical jump, seated med ball chest pass and a sit up med ball throw. It's used to help identify an athlete's most capable sources of power (lower body, core, or upper body).

The NY Bulldogs have a TPI certified coach on staff if you would like to setup a physical screen.

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