Volume 7 | Issue 33
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Since 2000 BCSI has performed hundreds of successful investigations.

Our integrated team of investigators and support services ensure that the investigations are conducted in a timely fashion with leading edge techniques. 

BCSI is considered the platinum standard of the industry based on the quality and the wide spectrum of its services as well as the expertise of the investigators.

Travel Scams
The holiday season is a common time of year for many people to travel and with added stress during this time of year people often let their guard down and fall victim to scams. The key is to be vigilant and be knowledgeable about common scams in order to protect yourself.
Falling Victim
One common scamming technique is the art of distraction. Scammers will work in pairs and as one distracts you by spilling a drink on you or waving their merchandise in your face their accomplice will steal your wallet or bag. Taxi drivers have also been known to scam tourists to get them to pay a higher fare. For instance, never get a ride from a driver who claims to have a broken meter or who offers to take you to a better tourist destination than the one where you asked to be taken. The cab drivers often receive a commission if they bring tourists to a hotel or tourist attraction.
Another scam is when tourists are given a small trinket, like a rose or bracelet, by a local. Then they ask for a payment in return and when you refuse they create a scene until you give them payment.
Hotels can also be another common place where scams occur. For instance, scammers will often call a room after the occupants have checked in saying that their payment for the room didn’t go through and they need to verify your credit card number and name. If this happens always go down to the front desk, do not give your personal information over the phone.
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