We are excited to welcome 2023 with deep gratitude and a commitment to thoughtful tourism. We are blessed beyond measure to share some of the most beautiful and pristine wild spaces left on earth, to observe iconic wildlife up close in its natural habitat, and to work with local people whose knowledge and hospitality are bar none.

We are also aware of our profound responsibility to the land, the air, and the wildlife that is crying out for us humans to be much more considerate. We are tuned in and heeding the call like never before.

What does this mean for you and your family and friends? Extraordinary experiences in Africa that are good for the land, the wildlife, the local people—and your spirit.

Travel with us this year or next and explore, learn, pause, reflect, connect, and celebrate while protecting and uplifting the places and people that fill you with awe and gratitude.

Here’s to the new year and the many places, experiences, and people we want to introduce you to!

Pam and Priscilla
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  • Complete our online Safari Planner where you share your vision, interests and preferred style of travel
  • We meet together to listen, discuss and curate an itinerary for you
  • We help you prepare for your adventure
  • You get to experience a trip of a lifetime!
Global Sojourns customizes itineraries for individuals and small groups to Africa and beyond. Through a commitment to responsible tourism and relationships with local experts, we provide trips that balance outdoor adventures with cultural insights and authentic interactions with local people. We are passionate about our work and provide you with fun, meaningful and memorable travel experiences.
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