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The promise of travel is just ahead — the chance to reconnect with family and friends, see new locales and take in new experiences. The energy to “get out there” is palpable.

Some of us are moving quickly to get out on the road, while others are taking our time to re-engage. When it comes to international travel, there are advantages to each approach.

For those ready to travel, there’s the rare opportunity to see popular places with few people on the landscape. But patience and flexibility are needed as PCR testing and flight schedules can be subject to change.

For those waiting, take joy of making plans and anticipating your trip.

Whichever is your strategy, we want to help you get to the African wilderness. We all can use some healing or nurturing, and we can’t think of a better place to find it than on safari.

Priscilla and Pam

Note: Worldwide pent up desire to travel means you should book soon for a safari in 2022. Please contact us early to ensure you get to the camps you’d like as the properties we recommend are small and fill up quickly!
Where to?
For those who love the gift of nature and wilderness, there is no place like Africa. Whether you are considering your first trip or 15th, we invite you to peruse our GS photo album to inspire you: 
“Old World Safari” Ethos
Priscilla with Roberta Plummer on safari in Kenya
I remember my first safari like it was yesterday. It was in 1990 in Kenya. My first view of the Rift Valley took my breath away. I can still feel the thrill of my first zebra sighting. And seeing my first elephant in the wild... I was in awe!
Hundreds of safari outings later, the thrill of getting out into the African bush is as great as ever. For me, it’s the beauty, the quiet, the space, the slowing down, getting out of my head and into my senses, the connection with nature, and of course, the amazing wildlife!

Over decades of planning safaris, we’ve seen tremendous changes in the industry. The most significant ones are the “US luxury market” discovering safaris about 10 years ago and with that, chandeliers, butlers and elaborate (huge) bathrooms have contributed to an ever increasingly opulent scene. 

For a time, it felt like the 'old world safari' that so many of us had fallen in love with was becoming threatened to the point where I almost put planning safaris behind me! Ironically, Covid has helped to strip back the glitter and bring focus back to “old world safari ethos”- where the focus is on the wildlife experience and the passionate guides who make it come alive. Those of us who offer this type of experience are inspiring one another to stay true to the essence of safari. We are so grateful to those safari camp owners who have hung in there with their commitment to this essence and the experience that flows from it.

We could not be more excited than we are now, to be offering you the opportunity to experience safari, in its original form, albeit with a few more comforts than 30 years ago.  

GS Giving Circle Mentors Rejuvenate in Nature
For local people living near protected natural places in Southern Africa, access to these wild spaces is often out of reach. Knowing the deeply regenerative effect a connection with nature can have, as well as the importance of being able to appreciate and love the wild spaces they live within, we teamed up with African Bush Camps to provide GS Giving Circle's Livingstone based Mentors with some R & R time at their exquisite property Thorntree River Lodge.
“Meeting with other GSGC mentors gave me so much energy. That was so good, am humbled, what a good way of starting a year! Thank you so much.” ~ Mentor Rachel, Believe Girls Club, Livingstone, Zambia
“It’s a very beautiful place, I had seen some photos in a magazine before, but didn’t really connect that it is in our own country. It gave us some very positive energy. Going out in nature I came back with a lot of ideas, especially that I love to do work around nature. It really inspired me in a lot of ways.” ~ Mentor Kangwa, Wayi Wayi Creative Club for Boys, Livingstone, Zambia
A "Tail" of Three Lions  
A children's book written by Sylvia M Medina and Ian Michler - A formidable duo!

Sylvia took her passion for nature and became an Environmental Engineer where she could make a difference. Her kids became her inspiration to create stories and products that teach children about the environment and the world around them. She developed the Green Kids Club concept helping children around the world to learn early positive environmental habits. Sylvia has written several books for Green Kids Club and continues to be actively involved in many of the non-profit initiatives that Green Kids Club supports.

Ian has spent the last 30 years working as a safari operator, specialist guide, environmental photojournalist, and ecotourism consultant across Africa. Over the years, his writing has appeared in a broad range of international publications to include one of Africa's leading wildlife magazines, several natural history and guidebooks. He's a recognized wildlife photographer and is actively involved in many global conservation initiatives.

The book makes for a great gift for any budding nature enthusiast in your life.
Moments like these, a small taste of what you could potentially see while on safari!
Global Sojourns
Global Sojourns customizes itineraries for individuals and small groups to Africa and beyond. Through a commitment to responsible tourism and relationships with local experts, we provide trips that balance outdoor adventures with cultural insights and authentic interactions with local people. We are passionate about our work and provide you with fun, meaningful and memorable travel experiences.

Looking forward to sojourning with you!
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