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I am in awe of nature’s beauty, so grateful for the pristine wilderness areas left in the world, especially those found in Africa. 

While celebrating nature’s gifts, we at Global Sojourns are all too often reminded of how many of our natural systems are under threat.

We’ve haven’t spoken out much about this, choosing instead to act on our concerns by selecting camps and experiences for you that are committed to conservation. Through our foundation, Global Sojourns Giving Circle, we quietly yet significantly, invest in empowering communities near wilderness and wildlife areas.

As threats increase, we believe our responsibility is to do even more, starting with raising awareness. We pledge to step up our efforts and share more information about conservation issues with you, while celebrating in the tremendous gifts of nature today.

Together there is so much we can do! The good news is that by traveling to Africa with itineraries crafted by Global Sojourns, you already are contributing to conservation! We invite you to spread the word about us with friends who want to travel to this stunning continent while also helping to preserve and protect it and uplift local peoples.

In gratitude,

Why I keep going back…
Shawna Renga
Continuing in our series on what draws so many of us back to Africa, Shawna shares her story of how just eight months after her first safari, she returned with a focus on getting to know the people.

"I’ve traveled to Africa twice in the last year.

Even as I write those words, my mind struggles to process that this is my life! For the first 35 years of my existence, Africa was a dream. Something that I wrote about in my diary while bored in school. Adventurers went to Africa. Strong, powerful, brave women went to Africa. Girls like me - from small town, middle class families - did not go to Africa.

My primary emotion is gratitude. I feel it fill my heart and warm my body from the inside out. I am grateful to Global Sojourns for planning the most amazing trip to Uganda last October.

I am grateful that I spent time getting to know Priscilla on that trip, talking more about the work that the Global Sojourns Giving Circle does with girls in Southern Africa. I am grateful that I felt called to volunteer… 
Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana 
The Makgadikgadi Pan, located in the heart of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, is the world’s largest salt pan landscape and undoubtedly one of our all-time favorite places “to be!”

Just some of the reasons we love it:
  • Endless horizons, interrupted only by a scattering of baobabs and desert palms
  • The feeling of remoteness and expanse fills the soul
  • Ahhh… the sunsets!
  • Watch the planetarium of stars unfold
  • Spend time walking with the San bushmen, learning about their culture and how they have lived off this land for centuries
  • Observe desert adapted wildlife including the black-maned Kalahari lion and rare brown hyena
  • Get up close and personal with wild meerkats

Contact us to learn you how to add this into your next safari!
Special Experiences
“Old World Safari”
At Global Sojourns, we often use the term “old world safari”. This describes a camp where your creature comforts are met but the focus is more on nature and the wildlife viewing experience than on accommodation luxuries. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of luxury travelers coming on safari. Many camps have responded by adding an array of amenities including expansive rooms, spas, plunge pools, wifi throughout, butlers and more. This has brought some benefits all around as everyone has “upped their game” comfort wise but for us, an excess of amenities can get in the way of providing one with what we find so special about the safari experience…. the awe of nature. 

In choosing camps, we first look at the locale and the passion of the guides and the team behind the camp. They make the experience come alive! We cherish the camps that still offer the experience of sitting around a fire, exchanging stories about the days’ adventures; camps that have an ethos of extending a game drive when there is something special rather than racing back for a set meal time. 

We love supporting these camps and offering these options to our clients.  We are grateful to those who keep these “old world safari” camps alive!  
We highly recommend Into the Okavango, produced by National Geographic. It captivates, stirs the soul, educates and inspires all in one.

Into the Okavango can be found on Amazon Prime
When I discovered the Okavango Delta —
I think I’d been searching for it my entire life.
It was this vastness — this incredible unending wilderness.
I saw what the world used to be without us.
And it is delicate — a delicate thing that we need to protect.
Favorite Product
Whenever I head to the bush, I always carry the Petzl Zipka headlamp with me. What I love about it:

  • Its super light and compact!
  • It’s simple
  • It provides sufficient light for the needs around camp at night
  • It has a soft light option which is great for reading a book or making my way around the tent/room at night
  • It has a retractable cord which makes it easy to fit into a pocket and is convenient for handheld purposes while also having the option to wear it on your head or wrist

Available at REI
Just for Fun
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Looking forward to sojourning with you!

Priscilla and the GS & GSGC team
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