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I’m thrilled to introduce you to our fresh new logo and website.

I can’t help but raise my arms wide open- in awe and gratitude for the beauty of this continent- the land, the wildlife and the people. And I am not alone. Our clients express time and time again how Africa has touched their soul. Many return multiple times.

It is such a pleasure to help you experience this amazing continent in a manner that provides inspiration, awe, meaning, connection and joy. 

Join us in living life, arms wide open!
Upcoming GS Small Group Trips
Namibia Adventure
September 6th - 16th, 2019  
By traveling with us in a small group, you get to take advantage of one of the things GS so values- exclusivity in pristine areas. We crafted this trip to offer a true ‘back to nature’ experience. Time to go back to the roots of safari- to touch, to smell, to feel and to experience the wild and the beauty of Africa.

Join us as we get active and “go deeper” in Namibia!

Why are we so excited about this trip? You’ll get to:
  • Explore and play in gorgeous areas
  • Enjoy exclusivity on private reserves – made affordable by traveling with us
  • Have outstanding guides
  • Explore the desert on Fat Bikes
  • Play on the tallest sand dune in Namibia
  • Track black rhino on foot
  • Go in search of desert adapted wildlife
  • Take in stunning views

Enjoy perusing the itinerary. A few spaces are still available!
Contact us ASAP if interested.

GS small group trips are only offered when something exceptional comes up. These trips provide you with an opportunity to share in a truly unique adventure with like-minded sojourners.
Special Experiences
Climbing Big Daddy!
What is even more better than climbing up the tallest sand dune in Sossusvlei Namibia? 

Running down it! SO much fun! 

Play on Big Daddy with us in September on our small group trip to Namibia !

Special Places 
Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
Ready for a new safari destination?

We LOVE Ruaha! The largest national park in Tanzania, Ruaha is Tanzania’s best kept secret. It has so many elements of what Global Sojourns’ values:

  • It is wild and untrodden
  • It has varied dramatic scenery
  • Lots of baobabs! (so much fun to photograph!)
  • Prolific and large variety of wildlife
  • The largest elephant population found in any of Tanzania’s national parks
  • Great predator viewing
  • 580 species of birds
Going Deeper
GS Giving Circle (GSGC):
Empowering girls AND conserving wildlife
Many of you are aware of GSGC’s dynamic work in communities in Southern Africa, empowering girls and breaking the cycle of deep poverty. Some of these girls live in rural areas and are exposed to wildlife in a very different way than when ‘on a safari’. Often times, the reaction to wildlife is out of fear for their homes being destroyed, and fear for their lives. We work to bring awareness around conservation especially with populations growing and encroaching on these wildlife areas.

Watch this 4 minute video to learn how we do this:
When traveling with Global Sojourns, you are helping to preserve land and wildlife and uplift communities.
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Favorite Product

We highly recommend these Pack-It Specter Compression Cubes by Eagle Creek. They are super lightweight, help you keep your clothing organized and save space. They are especially great for packing in compact soft luggage when going on safari. 
We are so grateful to Todd Connor for creating our new logo and website. Todd is not only a GS sojourner, GSGC supporter and talented designer, he is one of the kindest and most generous souls around. Check out his beautiful work at Yellow Plum Design . Africa touched his soul when he and his family went on safari in Zambia and visited our GSGC projects. He has been “giving back” generously with his time and talent ever since. Thank you Todd!
Just For Fun

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Looking forward to sojourning with you!

Priscilla and the GS & GSGC team
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