Amongst our wonderful travelers this year, we recently had a group of thirteen special souls finally realize their trip to Africa after three years of planning and postponements.

To have this trip come to fruition and bear witness to it was such a great gift, reminding us of the reasons why we do what we do… using our years of cultivating rich and deep experiences and connections to provide clients with a "trip of a lifetime."

May these snippets from their travels inspire and delight and perhaps entice you to contact us so we can get started on planning your trip of a lifetime.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Pam and Priscilla
Trying to get a bunch of people to all move in one direction is like trying to herd cats. Cats have a mind of their own. Wild cats? Well, let's just say, they have an extra bit of sass thrown in there. And so, this group of friends and, friends of friends, called themselves Babes and a Hunk while we referred to them as our bunch of wild cats.

Enjoy a glimpse into their adventure!

First stop Cape Town, South Africa:
Second stop Chobe National Park, Botswana:
Third stop Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to meet with our GSGC family and learn about conservation:
Fourth (and final) stop Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe:
When we ask what our clients want from their trip - the most common response is 'connection'. This group was no exception!

Connection to the place, the people, the culture. This particular group was all about connection!

We made it happen by involving our philanthropic side of our business - Global Sojourns Giving Circle

Ron wrote a wonderful article about his experience which can be found on our Global Sojourns blog page. What we do is very nuanced and Ron managed to find the right words!

Huge heartfelt 'Thank-You' to Ron and the group for sharing their journey with us.
"Remember our last day at Muchenje and the staff all came out a started dancing and singing. I just wanted to capture that moment and take it home! That was so emotional. That was just so amazing. The people were wonderful, wherever we went! This Africa experience is an above and beyond experience to remember for a lifetime. Thanks from the bottom of my heart."
"I was really impressed with the organization of how the trip was planned. I felt there was enough different experiences, that I really came away with a good understanding of African cultures and, I really appreciate the numerous experiences that were built into the itinerary. The whole trip was really about the people we met and the encounters we had. I would definitely go again and recommend it to anyone."
"I've had so many people ask me, "Did you feel safe?". Yes, absolutely. There was no time ever when I felt unsafe. They were speaking not of the safaris but just being in an African country because we hear so much about the negative. The biggest thing I learned was the people are just so amazing. That is not something you can read in a book or watch in a movie. You have to experience it. It was humbling in many ways and so enlightening. My (our) thanks to Priscilla and Pam for coordinating this life changing trip for us all."
As with all of our travelers, Jim came to us as a referral from a longtime friend of Priscilla's. While we don't always 'toot our own horn' this time we thought to include an excerpt from Jim's post-trip debrief which we truly appreciated.
"I want to thank you for listening to me when we met via Zoom, taking to heart what I was interested in, and putting together such an unforgettable trip for me. As they say, Africa is a trip of a lifetime. I could not have asked for more. I will absolutely recommend Global Sojourns to anyone who asks me about traveling to Africa. It was also a pleasure to meet you both. You’re both wonderful."

Thanks to Jim for being such a willing participant and a great sport! We brought Jim into the group fold when his travel dates matched with our group of 13 in Victoria Falls - they all had a hoot together!
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