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"All I wanted to do now was get back to Africa. We had not left it yet, but when I would wake in the night, I would lie, listening, homesick for it already." – Ernest Hemingway  
What is it about Africa that touches our souls and makes us yearn for more? Is it the wild spaces? The awe of the wildlife? The sense of community? Maybe it’s the feeling of being "home".  
Whatever it is, it keeps many Global Sojourners coming back time and again. With so much diversity of land, culture and experience, each visit seems new while at the same time feeling familiar.
When we ask our visitors, “What draws you back?” we find the responses so inspiring, we’re going to start sharing them in our newsletter. In this issue, enjoy hearing from Erin, making her 17th visit to Africa this year.
Why I keep going back…
Erin West
I took my first trip to Africa in the 1990s. I will make my seventeenth journey there this September. Why do I keep going back when there are so many places to see in the world? The short answer is Africa, to me, feels like home. I had that sense the second I walked off the plane on my first trip there. It’s pretty inexplicable. At that point nothing had happened. I hadn’t met any people, hadn’t seen my first gorgeous sunset, hadn’t seen any of the amazing animals. But a strong sense took over my body and told me I had come home. I’m getting choked up just thinking about it.  

It’s a little hard to describe for those that haven’t been. But for those who have, many I have encountered know exactly what I’m talking about. Firstly, every experience is unique. People ask me which trip has been my favorite and I can’t answer because they are all special in their own way. Firstly, there are the animals. There is nothing quite like seeing a herd of 60 (at least...I lost count) elephants walking past your tent not 20 feet away.

Mana Pools, Zimbabwe 
Mana Pools, Zimbabwe is a favorite of many safari professionals and certainly a long-time favorite of ours. A few of the things we love about it:
  • Experience an old-world safari
  • View wildlife from camp, canoe, foot and vehicle 
  • Explore rugged and untrodden terrain
  • Camp on the banks of the Zambezi River, famous for its gorgeous sunsets and riverine trees…and hippos!
  • Encounter bull elephants known for their gentle natures
  • Immerse yourself in the flora and fauna by exploring on foot, learning from highly experienced local guides
  • Other highlights: stronghold for the rare wild dog, as well as a large population of plains game, lion, elephant and buffalo
We use a variety of camps in Mana Pools, matching the appropriate camp style to your preferences.
Ready to plan your visit?
Upcoming GS Small Group Trips 
Namibia Adventure - September 2019 
As a reminder, join us for our upcoming exclusive GS Small Group Trip to Namibia, or contact us to create a custom Namibian experience for your own group. Take advantage of what GS values: exclusivity, gorgeous locales, outstanding guides and exceptional experiences. 

Enjoy perusing the itinerary.

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Global Sojourn’s Award Winning Safari, Culture and Philanthropy Trip June 2020
Global Sojourns mapped out a combination of wilderness experiences and the chance to connect with community members - supported by the Global Sojourns Giving Circle – that couldn't have been better! They were unique and indescribable in their own ways. All the people I met shared a deep love of Africa that united them in every aspect of their lives. It was just amazing!
--Kathy Gordon, Global Sojourner, Safari Culture and Philanthropy trip
Looking for a trip that satisfies your thirst for cultural connection and history combined with iconic landscapes and wildlife experiences? Look no further! Global Sojourns’ Award-Winning Safari, Culture and Philanthropy trip allows you to peek into the past, “go deeper” and enables you to be “in the moment”?
This trip is one of our absolute favorites. You start off in Victoria Falls, where you get to “go local”. Spend time with Global Sojourns Giving Circle’s community leaders (Aunties and Mentors) and hear about the meaningful work they do to empower girls and strengthen communities. A unique and inspiring experience!
You then head off on safari (Hwange National Park), viewing wildlife and learning about conservation efforts. Take in the beautiful landscape of Motopos National Park and learn about the history and rhino conservation efforts. All the while, you’ll have time to exhale and absorb the incredible sights and sounds of life in Africa.
June 2020
·      Space is available for 6 travelers (3 rooms)
·      US $5,995 per person sharing a room. 

View the itinerary  here.

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Favorite Product
Our all-time favorite item to pack for when temps dip… 

We’ve found this to provide the most warmth for the smallest amount of bulk. Perfect for layering. We love it!
Just for Fun
If you’ve got to shop, why not make it fun? It’s amazing what one can find at the local used-clothing markets. The vendor in Antananarivo, Madagascar had a stash of high-quality French dresses--just my size! Recycling at its best.

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