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Normally you would hear from Priscilla in our newsletters so we thought we would change things up a bit! I am writing to you from Cape Town, South Africa where I decided to stay during the pandemic (I am originally from Ottawa, Canada). Needless to say, it has been an interesting experience as we all make our way through these strange times- a topic that has been dominating every conversation around the world.

A stumper of a question that came up for me was, "How is this situation serving you?" After much thought, I realized that with any uncertainty that I've faced in the past, I've been able to adapt to the situation and get through it, come what may.

I am not unique - being adaptable is something that we all have in common!
The safari industry is no different and that is where the inspiration came for this newsletter. You may be wondering what the various camps are doing to survive so that when we are able to spread our wings and fly, you will have a place to land, wildlife to observe and people with whom you can connect.

Enjoy the stories below, starting with this inspiring video from Natural Selections. "After all, survival through adaptation is in our DNA."

Hope to see you in Africa soon!
Natural Selection
Keeping The Home Fires Burning
We invest a great deal into finding partners (safari camps, lodges, hosts and guides) who not only share our passion for providing outstanding travel experiences, but who also have a deep commitment to conservation and the communities in which they operate.

At a time when everyone is struggling due to Covid-19, we couldn't be more impressed with the energies and sacrifices that our beloved partners are making to:

  • Support their staff
  • Assist the surrounding communities, hit so hard economically
  • Maintain the properties
  • Protect wildlife
  • Create and implement safety protocols so you can confidently get back to experiencing the restorative gift of wilderness and safari soon
A few of the many inspiring stories from our partners:

A number of camps have their own gardens which supply food for guests, now feed staff and their families. A property we adore in Victoria Falls - Stanley & Livingstone Boutique Hotel - talks about how this initiative has taken a completely different perspective.
With poaching on the rise, safari companies and trusts are doing all they can to keep areas patrolled. Watch how the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust and VF Anti-Poaching teams remove a snare from an impala- an all too common occurrence in times of hunger.
Our wonderful Cape Town Guide, Pamela McOnie, has been supporting her local food community through this hard time. She started a Facebook page for vendors and clients to share and a website for people to find their local foodie vendors.
Covid-19 has so clearly reinforced what we've always known …
our safari partners are simply AMAZING!
Culture & Entertainment
We think you'll love Cook Off - its the very first Zimbabwean movie on Netflix, added just recently. It was filmed in 2017 on a shoestring budget, with a lot of heart and hope by cast and crew.

We wanted to make something authentically Zimbabwean,” says Mr. (Tomas) Brickhill. A film that lets Zimbabweans see themselves – their tin-roofed neighbourhoods, their skeptical mothers, plates stacked with meat and pillowy clouds of sadza, a local starch – on the big screen, he says. “But at the same time, we wanted it to be something the rest of the world could identify with, too.” ( CS Monitor)

Click on the image below and enjoy a preview of this heartwarming film that is good for the soul while providing insight into the Zimbabwean culture.
Global Sojourns Giving Circle (GSGC) NEWS
We're excited to introduce you to the newest GSGC sponsored club - Tikobane!

Tikobane came to GSGC's attention when Priscilla visited Elephant's Eye in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe late last year. Her guide, Dumi, resides in Dete, a village bordering the park. When you meet Dumi, you can't help but be inspired by his unlimited passion (and drive) to help his community.

Dete is largely plagued by unemployment, and even more so now with the halt of tourism. Dumi felt that there had to be something else that can be done to prevent the young men (in particular) from being lured into the illegal poaching trade. It is even more important now that we assist those living near the wildlife areas!

Dumi, in his eloquent wisdom said, "How can people be expected to care about the wildlife if they don’t feel that their own lives matter?".

A sentiment that is echoed by lion research expert and Co-Founder of Soft Foot Alliance Brent Stapelkamp:

“People in subsistence-level communities where wild animals destroy crops and property will not care about preserving Africa’s iconic creatures until they themselves feel cared for and are more financially sustainable.” 

When Dumi heard about GSGC, he went back to his community, gathered further support and reached out to the GSGC Mentors from Victoria Falls to meet and learn from them as to what they could do to help their community.
After the meeting with our GSGC Mentors, Dumi and his team wasted no time- they forged ahead and started their own boys and girls club to begin uplifting the youth of Dete. Since that meeting in January, we are thrilled to have Tikobane be part of the GSGC family!

Read the story about the day the GSGC team shared the model with Tikobane Trust in Dete, Zimbabwe.

Learn more about the Global Sojourns Giving Circle and its impact on empowering girls and uplfiting communities in Southern Africa.
Armchair Safari Time!
We received some great feedback from our last newsletter that you enjoyed the links we provided to some of the live webcams that are out in the field. Here is a slightly different perspective – wonderful sights to behold and information to soak up!
Conservation First - Covid Chronicles:  by Ultimate Safaris our partner in Namibia.
Click on the image below to be directed to their YouTube Channel
Tanzania Tourism - YouTube Channel
Click on the image below to be directed to their YouTube Channel
The morning sun rises on the African landscape and bestows her light on the Earth and all of her creatures …
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Looking forward to sojourning with you!
 Priscilla and the GS & GSGC team
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