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March 2018     
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My mother was always so excited to hear about your trips, asking about a client's experience even before mine. As her health deteriorated, she still lit up and gave a thumbs-up when hearing of your African travels . I sorely miss those calls!
Roberta Plummer passed away in December of 2017.  While my heart is broken, it's also full of gratitude for so very much, including the love of Africa that she instilled in me as a child. When I first arrived on the continent, my tears flowed - just as hers had done - as I recognized a deep sense of coming home.
How many mothers will accept or support a daughter's life in far-flung, war-torn, impoverished places? Mine did, along with years of valuable backstopping.
I carry her bright spirit with us, as thrilled as ever to help you, your family, and friends experience this amazing continent.



Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe- Soulful Adventure

Cycling, hiking, and rhino tracking anyone? How about visiting traditional homes, viewing ancient rock paintings, and soaking up gorgeous views of the balancing rocks in this kopje-filled land? We're just back and Infused with spiritual energy. What a magical place to play and refuel!

Where to stay...
For active adventures or just R&R, we thoroughly enjoy these Matobo Hills locations:
Amalinda: Wonderful service, plus its lovely, unique rooms are built right into the rock.
Khayelitshe House: For families and small groups of friends, there's no better combination of kick-back informality and luxury.
Big Cave: These homey accommodations for the budget-minded have fantastic views and trails.


Mountain Biking in Matopos

In light of Matopos being mentioned as our special place in this edition, it seemed only natural to highlight the wonderful cycling opportunities there.
We cycled on the paths that locals use as they go about their daily lives and explored traditionally decorated homes that were beautiful to behold.
While at Big Cave, the bike path took us among the zebras, wildebeest and antelopes, the sound of their hooves delighted our senses as they beat a hasty retreat from us. The sound and sightings, brought us sheer joy.
The Matopos landscape lends itself perfectly to mountain biking (all levels), rocks, hills and flat areas. You will be rewarded with expansive views that are truly special.   Read more

12 oz. Thermos Cup

This goes with me on every jaunt, especially morning game drives! A perfect travel product, it's durable, the right size, spill-proof, and keeps my morning tea HOT.  Easy to get on Amazon.

When's the best time to go on safari? 

This common question has no absolute answer -  go whenever you can!  Every season has its characteristics, neither good nor bad. What resonates with you?

In the "green season", December through March, there is a chance of rain showers. The bush is thick, and wildlife is relaxed with plenty of food and water. The animals are better dispersed, so your experience is more about quality than quantity. 

This beautiful season is the most popular for photographers. Birders love the many migrating birds, and everyone loves the baby antelopes. Travelers appreciate reduced prices, and smaller crowds result in a more exclusive experience.

Enjoy these photos from green season in Hwange National Park. 
Read more .


I came upon this pile of elephant dung recently.   Ah, the sad woes of plastic bags in wildlife areas.

Plastic refuse has become common around wildlife areas, and some areas have taken action to reduce it. Rwanda and Kenya now ban plastic bags from being brought into their countries!

So please leave the plastic bags at home - pack with durable travel bags that go home with you. 

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