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As we journey through this time of COVID-19, our hearts go out to the world. While its often stated that we are all in this together, we give much respect to the fact that we are all experiencing this in different manners, based on our locales and spaces, our health, community support and safety nets or… lack of. Whatever our specific situation, we are all experiencing anxiety and loss.

For many of us, we go to nature to heal and restore. With few of us able to access nature at this time, we are bringing it to you as best we can. May this newsletter help you to escape, find some calm and fill your spirit.

And at a time when words are hard to come by, I share the talents of Ian McCallum. May his words in his TedTalk inform, ground and inspire.

Our hearts are wide open, sending out lots of love,

Priscilla, Pam and the GS team
Rediscovering Ourselves in Nature Through Poetry
Ian McCallum

"The identity that we seek ... is impossible to define outside of our relationships. Not only human to human, but to the animals, to the landscapes, to the forests, the oceans and rivers in our lives. Who and what would we be without them?"
safariLIVE Wild Earth
Join safari guides on live game drives in the Sabi Sands and Nagala Private Reserve in South Africa.

Check out the scheduled times to join in on a sunrise or sunset drive. You will be able to interact with the guides and have your questions addressed in real-time. No scripts to this reality show- all natural!
Africam Channels - LIVE
Enjoy seeing and hearing live sightings and sounds from various waterholes through live streaming from Africam .

I'm literally watching a hyena scamper to the water for a drink as I write this!
Global Sojourns Giving Circle (GSGC)
We are putting full energies into supporting our amazing team of GS Giving Circle Mentors as they respond to COVID-19 in their communities. Our Mentors serve youth who live in and near wildlife and tourism areas in Southern Africa. With all tourism halted, unemployment has soared and these economically impoverished communities are facing tremendous challenges.

The Mentors are bringing important information, practical support and hope to many. Their leadership, innovation and passion for the well-being of their communities is truly inspiring! Below are just a few examples of what GSGC is up to. Stay informed by following us on Facebook, Instagram and through our newsletter.

 A deep and heartfelt thank you to all for supporting this work!
A few of their many outreach activities:
  • Setting up gardens
  • Providing psycho-social support
  • Educating through radio interviews
  • Distributing hand sanitizer
  • Making masks
  • Writing and singing songs that inform the community about Covid-19 precautions
  • Visiting homesteads to share information and check on conditions
  • Putting up posters at boreholes
  • Helping students with their schoolwork
  • Creating art to educate
We are so inspired by the innovation of one of Sisonke boy's club members who lives in the rural area just outside of Victoria Falls. He set up a stand for washing hands outside of his granny's home and Mentor Nyika is testing it out.

May we all be inspired to innovate during this COVID-19 journey!
Hope Found in Nature's Restoration
It was just four months ago when news reports expressed grave concern about the mighty Victoria Falls drying up. Today, it is at its highest flow in 10 years (but.. no one there to see it)!

May the beauty in this short video fill your spirit and inspire.
Global Sojourns
Global Sojourns customizes itineraries for individuals and small groups to Africa and beyond. Through a commitment to responsible tourism and relationships with local experts, we provide you with trips that balance outdoor adventures with cultural insights and authentic interactions with local people. We are passionate about our work and provide you with fun, meaningful and memorable travel experiences .
Looking forward to sojourning with you!

Priscilla and the GS & GSGC team
We hope you've enjoyed our newsletter. May it provide you with travel ideas, stories and tips that inform and inspire. Spread the word! Global Sojourns works only on a referral basis. Let us design your next adventure!
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