June 2020
Travel by Rail
Thank you for attending our Travel Show, and marking your interest in Travel by Rail. In a post-Corona virus world, many people will be itching to travel, but fearful of airports. Travel by Railway will be an amazing opportunities to see the world, and many locations may not even require a passport! We have experienced several train trips and they have all been incredible. Read on to see some of the best journeys via train!

Alaska is a gorgeous, unique destination to explore. Train allows guests to view the astounding scenery of mountains, rivers and glaciers even as you travel. It also provides guests with a comfortable, luxurious way to travel. Excursions include dog sledding, Kenai Fjords National Park, hiking or even kayaking. Starship took an incredible train trip through Alaska, and had a blast. Read more about it here .

Great Parks of the Southwest

The Great Parks are a must-see location because there is nothing quite as spectacular! The nature is gorgeous. Starship Travel toured the Southwest by train, and we loved soaking up the scenery without the drive. We took the Grand Canyon Railway- read about it here !

Visiting Canada by rail is a great opportunity to get out of the country without taking an airplane. Traveling by rail allows guests an uninterrupted view of the gorgeous mountains and scenery. There are amazing opportunities for excursions such as the cities of Montreal and Quebec or the iconic Vancouver Lookout or the nature of Yoho National Park and Lake Louise. We have experienced a trip to Canada via rail and loved the ease of seeing many locations without flying.

New England

New England (and Canada) in the fall is simply stunning with bright colored leaves falling. Linda has traveled here many times- read about it here . Traveling by train allows guests to soak up all the scenery up close and view several locations in one trip. We hope to do a group trip with the New England Fall Colors soon!

Take the time post-Corona virus to see the United States and Canada by train! It is a safe and fun way to get back out into the world. Contact us for more information at 847-394-1155 because we would love to guide you towards the perfect rail journey for you!