January 2019  
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If you are reading this under the impact of the "polar vortex" we are experiencing here this week, it might be a great time to dream of warmer climes and make plans for time away. When you plan a vacation, do you include a goal to travel as NO-waste as possible? 

The Kendrick family did just that! This month's feature article shares the story of an Indiana family which visited national parks while also collecting and measuring all of the trash they accumulated during their month-long summer vacation. Find out how they dealt with the accumulating trash (and smells!) in the back of their van as they journeyed across the states.

Zero waste  is a challenging goal no matter where we are spending our time, at home or away. But having it as a goal helps to focus efforts on reducing waste. And that takes education.

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Keep on reducing and recycling! 

Elizabeth Roe
Eco Partners
Could you travel with NO trash? This family aimed for that!
Indiana school teachers Josh and Samantha Kendrick use every day as an opportunity for teaching and learning. So, when the couple discovered that the average American family of four produces about 18 pounds of garbage every single day, they felt compelled to investigate. 

Their curiosity motivated Josh, a seventh-grade teacher, to apply for a $12,000 Teacher Creativity Fellowship Grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc. He received the grant which allowed his family to travel across the country visiting national parks and collecting and measuring all of the trash they accumulated during their month-long summer vacation. Josh imagined that contrasting the beauty of the national parks to their stinky, nasty trash might provide the insight and incentive needed to create change.

"I desperately wanted for us and everyone to understand the need to waste less ---- a lot less," noted Josh. The family began their cross-country journey early last June and logged their experiences on their blog, "Travel in NO Trash." The plan was to drive their minivan from Brownsburg, Indiana to Yosemite National Park in California and back, visiting at least 11 national parks in 31 days.

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