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After a week of sunshine, sandy beaches, and tasty cocktails with little umbrellas, I've returned from the Dominican Republic relaxed, refreshed, and caught up on my research! I'm always struck by the new perspectives I gain when I'm in different places and hope to do some more travelling over the next few years.
Perhaps you've also been bitten by the travel bug, or have some other seemingly lofty dreams you'd like to see realized. If so, check out my latest blog post about two clients who sold everything to travel long term. I guarantee you'll want to make your money work for your goals!

But time flies when you're away and having fun, and before you know it, it's less than a week to go until the strangest U.S. election in my lifetime. Most international markets are trading near the same levels as my last newsletter with the exception of falling oil and U.S. market prices. Inversely, gold continues its gentle climb that began in early October.
Oil's decline is partly due to OPEC's failure to create a convincing plan for reducing production. As mentioned a few weeks ago, this failure shouldn't surprise anyone given the cartel's poor history of fostering unified action from its members. The U.S. market, on the other hand, powered by a strong economy and low unemployment rate, would likely be rising were it not for all the election acrimony.

In spite of the recent FBI statement regarding Clinton's emails, the race appears to be hers to lose. That being said, as I linked to the New York Times last newsletter, it's best not to assume the polls will be right on election night unless the gap is fairly wide.
Gold often feeds on erratic markets and uncertainty (like political instability, for instance), which explains its recent strength.
Hopefully in two weeks' time, the election will have come to a conclusion that is accepted as legitimate, allowing the country to move forward and do what governments are supposed to do----- make their citizens' lives better.     
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The Back of the Turtle  by Thomas King: An engaging story about the aftermath of an Aboriginal community devastated by an environmental disaster and those responsible for causing it.
Forget The "To-Do" List, You Need A 'Stop Doing List'  by Farnam Street: The Warren Buffet quote at the beginning of the article says it all: "The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say 'no' to almost everything."
Take Your Eye Off the Ball  by Pat Kirwin: The best book on football I've come across for the fan who loves the game, but truly recognizes how little they know about the game...yet wants to know more.
The Essential Smart Football by Chris B. Brown: Interesting stories about the coaches, players, and characters that have influenced the evolution of football. As it's a somewhat dense football strategy book, I wouldn't recommend it for an average football fan.
Going viral
  • Jimmy Kimmel does his classic Halloween gag once again, where parents tell their kids they ate all their candy

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