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Trees are the most valuable investment in our urban landscape and they're particularly vulnerable during this drought. As you cut back on water use, consider these ideas to protect your trees:


1. Young trees, especially young evergreens, need supplemental water
These trees need a little extra help to survive periods of prolonged dryness (even in the winter when plant growth is slower). A deep, slow soak every week should keep young trees healthy (ideally 10 gallons per week--water you can "earn" by shortening your daily shower by just 2 minutes!). 


2. Know YOUR tree's water needs 

The number one thing you can do for mature tree health is to make sure that the amount of water supplied is appropriate to your tree. For most mature trees, a regular deep monthly watering is recommended in the absence of soaking rain. Every tree's water needs are different.  

1) Is your tree drought tolerant? Look up what level of watering your tree species needs 

2) Learn more from Canopy's tree watering guidelines  


3. Practice tree-smart water conservation  

If you decide to convert to a water-wise landscape consider the irrigation needs of your mature trees (both your own and street trees). For all plants, even drought-tolerant ones, adjust irrigation gradually because trees and plants can become compromised when their watering is suddenly stopped.


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Program Director


High School Girls Changing The World,  

One Tree at a Time        

Malika, Peony, Carole and Nadya, students at Fremont's Irvington High School, learned about increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and decided to focus on a solution as a part of their high school's Change Project. They reached out to Canopy for information and decided to volunteer. "By taking care of trees," explains Malika, "We are reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that goes into our air, because the trees are well-cared for and are able to take in the harmful gases."


Peony expressed pride and satisfaction knowing that they'd cared for 50 trees with Canopy and said, "I feel that we have accomplished a lot throughout these few months. I never knew that we could help the environment so much with only a few people." She explained, "It feels great to know that you've helped the community and the environment."  
Tree Planting volunteers needed:
When: Saturday, February 22nd, 9am to noon
What: Park tree planting   
Where: Pardee Park, 851 Center Dr, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Tree Planting Leaders needed:
When: Saturday, March 29th
What: 80 trees to be planted as part of Canopy's Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids! initiative    
Where: Willow Oaks Elementary School, 620 Willow Rd, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Arbor Day Festival volunteers needed: 
When: March 8 (& prior to event)
What: The Palo Alto Arbor Day Festival, organized by Canopy
Mitchell Park, Palo Alto
We need help with the following day-of tasks: event set-up, stage set-up for performers, face-painting helper, kids tree craft helper, tree-climbing sign up helper. Prior to the event we also need help with sign-making and stencil-making as well as flyer and poster distribution.

Resident Resources


Hiring an Arborist 

Arborist List 

Tree Library 

Tree Walks 

Give a Tree Gift 

Save water, save trees
Tree watering tips
Girls changing the world
Palo Verde tree Walk
Arbor Day Festival
Urban Forest Master Plan
Palo Verde Neighborhood
Saturday Feb 8, 10 am - 12 pm 

Everything you need to know about neighborhood trees.   

Join Canopy Program Director and ISA certified arborist Michael Hawkins as we explore Palo Verde neighborhood trees. Learn about 21 different tree species.
Learn more. Sign up.

10:30 am - 1:30 pm

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How to Plant A Tree

Watch Canopy's new video: everything you've ever needed to know about planting trees!


Palo Alto's Urban Forest Master Plan    

Click here to read the report and provide feedback.
(Deadline is 2/28)

Canopy Proud to Honor Area 'Tree Heroes'    


A hundred people gathered at Canopy's Mayor's Tree Planting & Awards Party in January to celebrate outstanding individuals that have contributed to the urban forest. Read about our award recipients.     

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