US Treasury recently updated its strategy on combating the finance of terrorism. In the update, Treasury cites the important role of charities in countering terrorism and notes that the vast majority of U.S. based nonprofits are not high risk for terrorist financing. The change in language marks a significant shift in the perception of charities as conduits for terror financing over the past decade. Read the full story at CSN News . (February 6)

A partial fix to the Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act (ATCA) was enacted as part of the 2020 omnibus budget legislation, signed into law in December 2019. The amended language strips out the foreign assistance triggers that caused the abrupt closure of humanitarian aid, peacebuilding, human rights, and other programs in Palestine. The law in 2018 inadvertently made NGOs that received US funding subject to US jurisdiction in ATCA lawsuits; the recent amendment now protects NGOs from such lawsuits. Read the full report at CSN News . (February 4)