What is The FAP? 
We are The Friends of Autistic People, FAP, a Greenwich based non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with autism and of their families. 

Why the Auction? Where does the money go? 
We need funds to continue in 2017 our successful Music Based Autism Therapy Program for  children and adults with autism from financially struggling families. Our other project is to create a sustainable Community of Independent Homesteads, a farm community where adult children with autism can live, learn meaningful  skills and thrive when their parents can no longer care for them. We are in the fundraising stage and need your help to make the farm a reality.  

How to Bid?
  • Email fap.autismct@gmail.com the item's name and number you are bidding on. Show the amount of your bid.
  • If there are competing bids FAP will respond and send you the last highest bid. You may increase your bid above the last bid. 
  • The auction will end on February 26, 2017 midnight.
  • We will advise you if you are the winner.
  • After receiving your check or online transmission of funds we will arrange to get the gift to you immediately. 
1. High-Tech Full Face Formal Facial Treatment
The certificate includes a Full Face Formal Facial treatment. The  Latest Radiofrequency device helps tighten the face, reduce lines and wrinkles and prevents the skin from sagging more. 

This treatment is painless, non invasive and quick! It feels like a hot stone massage, very comfortable on the skin. No Downtime! (1 visit)
Value: $1250
Minimum Bid: $300
Last Highest Bid: $0.00
2. Gold Plated Soda-Tab Necklace
Ideal graduation gift for ecology minded youngster.
14 k Gold Plated soda-tab pendant, 26 inch ball chain with closure. By Alice Hope. The Artist specializes in large pieces of soda-tabs sculptures. 
Value: $35
Minimum Bid: $20
Last Highest Bid: $0.00
Very trendy bag with medium arm length shoulder strap. It will complement your Gucci's & Pucci's. Coral and Turquoise beads hand-sewed by Tibetans on cotton.
Value: $175
Minimum Bid: $50
Last Highest Bid: $0.00
4. Filicori Chocolates, Coffee and Tea
Italian highest grade luxury Chocolates Enrobed Hazelnuts, Truffles, Coffee, Earl Grey Blue-Petals in Silken Sachets tea and Panattone (traditional Italian cake, dark chocolates with coffee. 

Value: $150
Minimum Bid: $75
Last Highest Bid: $ 0.00

5. Garelick & Herbs, Greenwich
Finest Fruit, Cheese & Crackers for 10 by Garelick &  Herbs. Needs to be ordered 3 weeks in advance of event. 
Value: $125
Minimum Bid: $60
Last Highest Bid: $ 0.00
6. MIRROR LAKE INN- Lake Placid, NY
Plan a ski-escape!
One night for 2 in a Classic Guest Room with 2 queen sized beds, partial Lake and Mountain View and breakfast. 

Value: $485
Minimum bid: $240.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00
7. J HOUSE, Greenwich
Luxuriate in a STAYCATION  at this amazing boutique Hotel / Restaurant / Coffee Bar / Spa.
One Night Stay and Dinner for 2. 

Value: $400.00
Minimum bid: $200.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00

8. SCHLOSS ELMAU - Elmau, Germany
Planning business and ski trip?
Head to Schloss Elmau, just south of Munich at the foot of Bavarian Alps?
Pamper yourself and another with a 2 night stay in a junior suite with complimentary breakfast and dinner.

Value: $1,664
Minimum bid- $1300
Last Highest Bid: $0.00

9. FESTIVITIES Catering, Event planning.
Finest in catered foods, fusion style, stunning presentation. 
Use certificate for "Party Express" menu. 
Value: $300.00
Minimum bid- $145.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00
10. Ballroom Dance Lesson
Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Greenwich.

$200.00 towards a dance program of your choice 
(For one adult or kid, single or group)  

Value: $200
Minimum Bid: $80
Last Highest Bid: $0.00 
Treat your favorite female to this luxuriously soft mink-like faux fur hooded vest by Jenni from Vienna .
Value: $400.00
Minimum bid- $200.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00

12. Sophisticated Ladies Gloves  
Slip on these preppy, pleated gloves to protect your hands from the cold.
The gloves feature pleated cuffs.
One size fits all. 

Value: $45.00
Minimum bid: $20.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00

13. Irish Mohair Throw, Shades of Aqua
Snuggle up with this 59x72 (twin-sized) designer throw. Best Irish quality. 
Value:   $275.00. 
Minimum bid: $120.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00 
14. Necklace by Satya
Flaunt this dainty necklace, featuring Lakshmi goddess of spiritual wealth and prosperity. 
18 k gold plated coins with a Peridot stone. 

Value: $159.00
Minimum bid: $75.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00

15. Bracelet by Satya
Delicate Peridot beaded stretch bracelet with gold plated coin with lotus bud, for teens and twens. 
2.5" dia. 
Value: $59.00
Minimum bid: $25.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00

16. Snake Skin Clutch
Stylish Italian snakeskin bag, decorative bronze studs along flap. Suede interior with inside zippered pocket, by Emily Cho. Made in Italy. 
11 x 8.5 in.

Value: $250.00
Minimum bid: $100.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00

 17. Juliska Handblown Glass Vase 
Delicate Ella Corset  Vase by Juliska. Decorated by three bands of beads.  

Value: $95.00
Minimum bid: $45.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00
18. Exquisite  J.Fleet Designs lacquer tray. Gold leaf on red, Damask pattern.
Handcrafted in Vietnam by top artisans in ancient tradition, 15 layers of natural lacquer.
20 x 14 x 2   
May be previewed upon request, tiny scratch on back
Value: $275.00. 
Minimum bid: $120.00
Last Highest Bid: $0.00 
19. Martini Glass Tray
Handcrafted in Vietnam by top artisan in ancient tradition, 15 layers of natural lacquer.
Value: $277
Minimum Bid: $100
last Highest Bid: $0.00 
20. Terra Ristorante Italiano, Greenwich 
Lunch for 2 at this popular swanky Northern Italian restaurant in Greenwich 
Value: $75.00
Minimum Bid: $ 35.00
Last highest Bid: $0.00 

21. Mediterraneo Restaurant, Greenwich
Lunch for 2 at this excellent Mediterranean restaurant with accent on seafood menu
Value: $75.00
Minimum Bid: $35.00
Last highest Bid: $0.00 
22. Streetbird, NY

Gift certificate for 4 

Streetbird is a rotisserie chicken restaurant that has its roots in street food from around the world.

Inspired by Harlem Americana, we look to the birth of hip hop, as well as street culture for aesthetic inspiration. 
Value: $150
Minimum Bid: $75.00
Last highest Bid: $0.00 
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