Hello! I have to tell you how much I love the fall in the south. Apparently, I'm on the direct route for birds migrating from the Northern US and Canada, and my bird bath seems to be a popular tourist spot! I've moved it into the sun, and there have been so many different birds splashing around in it, I can't keep up! I'm told this pretty girl is a Cape May Warbler, and she's uncommon to this area. Isn't she sweet! Although she might be a he...
The weather is divine (with no hint of snow - take that, Idaho!!), and there are still tons of butterflies flittering about. My friend, Annie, collects their eggs and moves them to a protected space so they won't be harmed. She asked me to babysit the butterfly tent this week, and I'm watching this one emerge (eclose?) while I'm writing to you! These two pictures were taken within minutes of each other - amazing.
Spooky and I have been flittering about inside, and we pulled out a bunch more Halloween projects to decorate the new house. He couldn't wait to pose for you - as usual. And yes, he did get a treat for this trick! If you want to make a witch hat for your cats (er, kids) too, the Tricky Treat Toss will be on sale for another day or so.
The batty applique on the pillow next to Himself is on sale, too. Spooky Halloween can be used on any project - what will you make with it? 😋
As I promised last week, the Trick or Treat bags are on sale as well. This set includes a small bag for the trick-or-treat newbies, and a large bag for the more experienced candy collectors. I used cording covered with fabric for the handles - click here (and scroll down a bit) to see how easy it is! Don't want to make a bag? Use the blocks to make a haunted Halloween placemat or quilt instead!
My handsome devil got awfully excited when we pulled out the October Tags - look at all those loopy strings - oh my! I admit to sliding a loop over his head when he was clever enough to grab the one with his name on it.
The October Tags are perfect for labeling cats - I mean bags, coats, backpacks - you name it! And did I mention how easy they are to make? I love little projects that are finished in the hoop - don't you? Each tag has a pocket to hold a name (you can tuck more info in there if you like), and the instructions include templates to help you cut the paper inserts to size. And they're on sale!
Need some quiet time? The Halloween Quiet Books are made with soft, cuddly fabric, and they include 5 cute activities for little hands. I can't decide if I like the memory game or the tic-tac-toe game the best. Or maybe the puzzle. No batteries required!
The books can be made in two sizes, or you can turn the pages into a super snuggly game quilt. The Halloween Quiet Books are on sale this week.
Thank you so much for helping me find my fabric last week! Old Town Fabric Shop had it it, and I'm so relieved that several yards are on their way to my house!

Happy stitching, and may you never run out of fabric in the middle of a project!

Shelly and her Dashing Devil