Tree Banding Update
Barclay Downs Neighbors -

The city will not be banding tree's this year. Please read the information below from the City of Charlotte.

Fall Cankerworm in Charlotte
Charlotte has a history of severe cankerworm infestations. But in the last three years, cankerworm populations have plummeted. Local arborists believe an extended frost killed the newly hatched caterpillars. This stopped the insect's life cycle, resulting in fewer moths the next season.  

The city will NOT band trees this fall
We recommend homeowners save money by not banding. City staff will be monitoring willow oaks across the city to be prepared when cankerworms reappear. 

How can you help?
Monitor your trees and report cankerworm activity to help us know when and where they make their return. Join in the Great Cankerworm Count.

Seeing black and orange caterpillars on your oaks?
Caterpillars seen in August/September are Orangestriped Oakworms. These black and orange spiny caterpillars can cause a mess, but they are not a threat to oak trees. Late fall leaf loss is not a problem since the trees are already headed into dormancy. Learn more about the Orangestriped Oakworm