New Palo Alto Mosque Celebrates with Tree Planting

Last Saturday, Canopy joined members of the Anjuman-e-Jamali community in celebrating their soon to be completed Palo Alto Mosque by planting five trees along the street front; three Jacaranda and two Catalina Ironwood trees. When fully grown, the Jacarandas could measure up to 58 feet high, with crown spreads of 73 feet. The Ironwoods have evergreen foliage and are native to California. Volunteers also cleared weeds and spread mulch that was donated by nearby Ciardella's garden Supply. 




Thanks to our wonderful supporters, volunteers and staff, our Power of Trees event was a great success! Over 220 guests welcomed scientist and author Gretchen Daily and photographer Chuck Katz as our featured speakers for our fundraising event on September 26th. 


Drawing on her latest book, The Power of Trees, Daily spoke about the lessons and progress she and her Natural Capital Project team are making as they work to influence decision makers with an economic approach to conservation. She also talked about the successful local efforts of Canopy's tree planting programs. "It's a time where we risk really losing our awareness of our deep connection to nature," Daily said. "Canopy emblemizes the kind of effort we need to maintain our deep relationship to nature and ignite that connection, in young people especially."


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September Planting Leader Training  

Canopy proudly welcomes 13 new Planting Leaders to its volunteer community. The new recruits braved the pouring rain at Pardee Park on September 21st to plant eight California native oaks and learn about the important role they will play as team leaders at upcoming Canopy plantings.    


Click here for more information about becoming a Canopy Planting leader or email Program Coordinator Natalia Schoorl (  

2013 Results: Palo Alto Young Tree Care Survey


Young Tree Care Survey Each summer Canopy recruits dozens of volunteers to inspect the health of young Palo Alto street trees. This year 52 volunteers logged over 180 hours to inspect 672 trees. Residents with young trees adjacent to their property received brochures with information about young tree care and information on their particular tree's health. The good news is that more than 80% of the young street trees surveyed are in good health. However, as in previous years almost half the trees needed water. Canopy will work with the Palo Alto Urban Forest team to address the trees most in need of care.  
Click here to read the survey's final report and to see a short video about the annual survey.  

In the News

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Risky measures to save big trees from Rim fire worked 


USDA encourages involvement in National NeighborWoods  Month   


Asian Citrus Psyllid insect carries tree-killing disease, prompts California quarantine  

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Our Favorite Urban Forest Photos 

A bird's nest found at the foot of a Valley Oak on Sequoia Ave.   

Submit your favorite photos of the Palo Alto urban forest, we'd like to feature them in our TreE-News!

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College Terrace Tree Walk--October 12th, 10-12pm 

Fun, Educational & Free!

Increase your tree literacy. Join Peter Jensen, Landscape Architect for the City of Palo Alto, and you'll learn about 22 trees on the College Terrace Tree Walk.


More information 


Last June Canopy volunteers participated in the UC Berkeley SOD Blitz and surveyed California Bay trees in Palo Alto. The California Bay is a carrier of Sudden Oak Death (SOD), a disease threatening our native oaks.


Canopy will share detailed information on the research findings soon.


Meanwhile, mark your calendars for SOD Treatment Training Workshops offered locally:


- Los Altos Library, 11/1, 7:30pm
- Foothills Park, 1/9, 10am


Click here for more information.   


October: Neighborwoods Month! 
Neighborwoods Month rectangle National NeighborWoods� Month is the annual celebration of trees in our communities. Every October, tens of thousands of volunteers take action to make their communities greener and healthier by planting trees-turning their neighborhoods into vibrant, livable NeighborWoods�!

Click here to learn more. 

Photo Contest: California Trees
Calling all photographers! The 2014 California Trees Photo Contest is now open for submissions. With autumn officially here, there are plenty of chances to get some gorgeous shots before the leaves fall. Check out the rules along with photos from past winners on the California ReLeaf website.

 Click here to learn more. 

Is Your Tree Getting Enough Water? 

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