December 2022

Kathleen Wolf

Trees and science: Part 2 of 3

By Kathleen Wolf, Ph.D., TREE Fund Trustee

2.Bridging ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’

The science that supports arboriculture and urban forestry has expanded dramatically in recent decades. Some studies, including the majority of projects supported by TREE Fund, address the practical ‘how’ of tree planting and management. Other studies address the ‘why’, in that they present the case for why organizations and communities should invest in and sustain trees. As a social scientist, my career has been grounded in research on why trees are essential, even profoundly important assets in human communities. Yet my earliest education was in biology and botany, so I often seek to bridge biophysical and social questions in research.


Why should community leaders, the general public, and even donors care about trees? People who work in green industries have strong intuitions about tree benefits, and research in recent decades supports those hunches. Despite the research many local policy-makers and key decision-makers in both public and private sectors have little knowledge of the importance of trees. The science about ‘why’ confirms that trees offer solutions for some of the most important challenges in communities – including mental health, social cohesion and crime, stormwater management, and climate change.


On a number of occasions I have been invited to speak to city councils or business associations, laying the benefits science groundwork. Local tree advocates follow my lead, rushing in to provide the details for effective tree planning, planting and management.


A central premise is that the many benefits and ecosystems services of trees are only possible if trees thrive. They must receive the care and management that will help them flourish. Tree science helps to promote healthy tree installation and growth, and to bring best practices to reducing threats such as pests and disease. If the ‘why’ is embraced, then there may be greater public commitment to support tree best practices and ongoing tree research. Donors who can envision the benefits that healthy trees and canopy generate for their workers, clients and communities may be more inclined to turn their philanthropy to tree science.

Look for Part 3: Trees and Health- A Bridging Opportunity" in the January edition of TREE Press.

... To 2023 and Beyond

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TREE Fund's Volunteer of the Year

TREE Fund is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2022 Ken Ottman Volunteer Award for our Volunteer of the Year, Sam VanMaanen.

While there are countless people that help to make the Tour des Trees happen, Sam went above and beyond in helping to organize this year's ride in his home state, providing local knowledge and vital contacts that helped organizers produce a truly epic tour.

Not only that, but Sam provided his personal truck for use during the week long, pre-ride recon trip and even gifted us the use of his backyard for a relaxing afternoon after the first day of riding, complete with food, drinks, and great comradery.

Sam's love for the Tour des Trees, TREE Fund, and his home state were truly on display this summer and that energy and excitement spilled over to all the other riders during the week.

The Ken Ottman Volunteer Award is the highest public service award offered by TREE Fund and is named for the legendary Ken Ottman, an unparalleled champion for the work of TREE Fund and its predecessor organizations, the ISA's Research Trust and the National Arborist Foundation. The Ottman Award honors sustained, high-impact support for TREE Fund and its mission, and the TREE Fund Board of Trustees was pleased to award this honor to Sam.

Tour des Trees Registration Opens Next Month

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the 2023 Tour des Trees, which will start in Reno, Nevada, pass Lake Tahoe, and finish in northern California, where we will encounter their beautiful redwoods and giant sequoias. The distance will be 380+ miles.

Dates for 2023 are September 26 to October 2, so mark your calendars.

Be on the lookout for registration announcements, soon!

New Grant and Scholarship application cycle opens on January 15, 2023.

The following TREE Fund grants and scholarships will be available for application during our spring cycle. Please see our website for details on how to apply for these after our cycle starts on January 15. LOI's must be submitted and approved only during these application periods before applications can be submitted.


Utility Arborist Research Fund Grant

Supports work with real importance and benefit to utility tree care professionals.

Award amount: up to $50,000 (minimum $10,000)

Applications accepted Jan. 15 to March 1, 2023

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Ohio Chapter ISA Education Grant

Funded by Ohio Chapter ISA to provide arboricultural education programs or projects within the State of Ohio which serve a target population of 16 years of age or older.

Award amount: $5,000

Applications accepted Jan. 15 to March 15, 2023

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Robert Felix Memorial Scholarship

Supports college students studying arboriculture, urban forestry or related fields with the intention of entering arboriculture.

Award amount: $5,000

Applications accepted Jan. 15 to March 15 each year

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Bonnie Appleton Memorial Scholarship

Supports college students studying arboriculture, urban forestry, horticulture, nursery management or a related field with the intention of becoming a professional in one of these fields.

Award amount: $5,000

Applications accepted Jan. 15 to March 15 each year

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John Wright Memorial Scholarship

Supports high school seniors and returning college students pursuing careers related to arboriculture.

Award amount: $5,000

Applications accepted Jan. 15 to March 15 each year

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Fran Ward Women in Arboriculture Scholarship

Supports female college students enrolled in a program related to the practice of arboriculture and urban forestry.

Award amount: $5,000

Applications accepted Jan. 15 to March 15 each year

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Larry R. Hall Memorial Scholarship

Supports high school seniors or current returning college students seeking a first degree interested in entering the arboriculture industry.

Award amount: $5,000

Applications accepted Jan. 15 to March 15, 2023.

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Nutter Memorial Scholarship

Supports the utility forestry and arboriculture industry by helping college students interested in those fields achieve high academic goals without accumulating burdensome debt. Up to $500 of the scholarship can be used for books and supplies.

Amount: $5,000

Applications accepted January 15 to March 15, 2023.

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