Canopy is a diverse community brought together by the vision and promise of neighborhoods where people and nature thrive.

Planting trees together is part of our work. But to truly deliver on the promise of nature access for all means ensuring that Black, Indigenous, and all Persons of Color (BIPOC) can move freely and safely in every space, without fear of profiling, harassment, or violence.

Last week, we shared our statement of solidarity and support of the Black Lives Matter movement. We’ll continue to engage our community through tree planting and education, and share tree news and resources with you. As part of our commitment to anti-racism, growing as allies, and amplifying BIPOC voices in our community, we’ll also continue to share information and resources related to environmental justice .
Equity in the Outdoors
"The joys and challenges of exploring nature while Black"

The virtual community group, Black AF in STEM, created by Jason Ward , initiated #BlackBirdersWeek last week. Black Birders Week was created to celebrate Black nature enthusiasts everywhere, and to bring awareness to the obstacles that are often faced by Black people while enjoying outdoor spaces. | Read more from Grist...

"Why some Black and Latinx families
lose access to nature during pandemic"

BIPOC Americans have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading many families to remain wary of outdoor recreation even as shelter-in-place regulations begin to ease. But many parents, like La Shari Robinson, are finding ways to enjoy nature with their children in creative ways. | Read more from KCRW...
Double Your Impact
Support “nearby nature” and your gift will be matched

This spring, Canopy needs to raise $50,000 to fund our programs in the months ahead, and continue adapting to each stage of community reopening.

To help every gift go further, several generous funders have stepped up, offering a one-to-one MATCH for every donation between now and June 30—the end of our fiscal year, and an important financial deadline.

Can you make a gift in support of nearby nature today? When you do you, your gift (and your impact) will be doubled .
Thank you so much to those who have already given, and to everyone who contributes to greener, more equitable, and more connected communities.
Rengstorff Park Tree Walk
Take a Tree Walk in Mountain View

Enjoy the warm weather this weekend with a self-guided Tree Walk through Rengstorff Park in Mountain View. The Tree Walk map and downloadable PDF guide are available on Canopy's website .
The page also includes videos narrated by Bruce Hurlburt, ISA Certified Arborist and Former Parks and Open Space Manager for City of Mountain View. Watch them before your walk for even more info on a few of the trees you'll encounter!
What's New in the Urban Forest?
KQED Perspectives: Tree TV

Too much screen time causing you stress? Turn off your devices and switch to some Tree TV! | Read more from KQED...

Use care when trimming storm damaged trees

The winds have picked up here in the Bay Area, leading to lots of damage for both young and mature trees. This article by Gary R. Bachman provides helpful tips on caring for your storm or wind damaged trees. |   Read more from Pontotoc Progress...

Need help with tree care? Consult with an Arborist! Check out Canopy's Arborist List to find an expert in your area.
Are Your Trees Thirsty?
As we enter the dryer summer months, make sure your trees are getting the water they need. Each tree’s water needs are unique, depending on the species, age, and site conditions, but here are a few general rules of thumb:
  • Assess soil moisture to tell if your tree needs water
  • Water slowly and deeply throughout the trees root zone
  • Most young trees need water every week or every two weeks
  • Many mature trees need water once a month or every other month. One important exception is native oaks, which do not tolerate irrigation. Learn more about mature tree and native oak care.
  • Check out Canopy's website for detailed watering guidelines and more tips for water-wise tree care.
Still have questions? Email or send an inquiry through our Tree Hotline for additional tree-related questions.
Outdoor Lessons You Can Teach at Home!
It's the time of year when many students would be getting excited for summertime outdoor recreation camps, but this summer most will be staying much closer to home. The good news for parents is you can finally fulfill your dreams of being an outdoor educator!

Canopy has tree-based lessons, activities, and games that can be done in the home and outside in your neighborhood. All materials are available in English and Spanish.
We'll Miss You, Jack!
Jack Dorsey started working at Canopy in 2017 as the Urban Forester Intern and joined the staff full time in 2018 as Tree Care and Youth Programs Coordinator. Now, we say a bittersweet goodbye and good luck to Jack as he leaves Canopy to start a new chapter of his life in Washington.

Jack has been a consistently positive and stable force at Canopy since he started. He has a steadfast work ethic and always makes sure everyone has what they need to succeed. His thoughtful leadership of the Teen Urban Foresters has helped the program, and the students involved, grow in meaningful ways each year. He is also a genuinely kind, thoughtful person. We have all enjoyed getting to know him over the years.

It is difficult to put into words how much Canopy staff, TUFs, and volunteers will miss Jack. We wish him nothing but the best as he moves forward in his life. We know he will go on to do amazing things for both his community and the environment. We'll miss you, Jack!
Share Photos, Spread Gratitude!
Show gratitude for your neighborhood trees by sharing your photos with Canopy and telling us what urban nature means to you. You can send your photos to Canopy on Instagram or Facebook, or email your photos to Katie at We love hearing from you!
"In a time of global suffering, having access to open space has been critical to my own mental and physical wellbeing. Spending time in my local park has enabled me to reconnect with my community and have a rejuvenated passion for my work at Canopy. Everyday, I observe how my neighbors benefit from this space through recreational activities or intimate experiences with nature. I desire this reality for all people. Planting trees and working with the Earth has been a self healing experience for me. It gives me a renewed sense of hope that as a global community, we will survive these dark times."
- Maya Briones, Canopy Community Forestry Coordinator
May Grantors & Tree Gifts
Miriam Cespedes
in memory of E. Yanosh Alt

Don and Sandie Pearson
in honor of Holly Pearson

Nancy Soforenko
in memory of Phyllis Cardozo

Sharon Hudak
in memory of Carol Connor

Suzanne Garadis
in honor of John Erving

Ellen Levitas
in memory of Debby Ruskin

Many Thanks to Peery Foundation for their Students, Family & Staff Support grant! This grant helps with the high cost of living in the bay area and the compounded impacts of COVID-19, by providing access to funds that support staff, Teen Urban Foresters and their family with basic needs and the transition to remote work.
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Canopy's mission is to grow the urban forest in Midpeninsula communities for the benefit of all. Our vision is a day when every resident of the Midpeninsula can step outside to walk, play, and thrive under the shade of healthy trees.