TreeStory: A feature documentary by Ward Serrill
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A mythologist speaks of tree gods. A scientist finds a new universe in the canopy. A wisewoman asks a question, and a tree answers.

Welcome to TreeStory, a documentary film that explores the relationship between humans and trees from every conceivable angle. TreeStory's award-winning director and team are top-notch, with credits from National Geographic to Miramax to BBC's Planet Earth series. And this film will be made differently than any other film: by you. By your stories and, if you feel inspired, by your $5 donation. This is a crowd-funding model that's never been done before. But never before has there been a chance to bring the best storytellers and your love of trees together... to make a film that will change how we see trees, and ourselves, for good.

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Make a TreeStory donation of $10 or more and we will plant a tree in your Valentine's name and include their name in the DVD credits. Your gift of love will help this movie get made!

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Ward's Blog: Michael Meade in his Apple TreeRead Ward's new Blog   
This week Ward interviews Mythologist Michael Meade in his Apple Tree. He tells us about the tree behind the tree...
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Pete Droge: New TreeStory Music Director
Pete Droge: new TreeStory Music Director
Indie-rocker Pete has produced music for Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard and has opened shows for Tom Petty and the Dixie Chicks. We knew he'd be perfect for this role when we he told us he knows all the trees in his backyard by name. More about Pete> 

Yes! Send Me Tree Love!
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