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Domane Deluxe - Getting to Know SLR
Every so often an invention comes along that, truly, is a game changer.. For the endurance road cyclist, that came in the form of Trek's ISO Speed decoupler. First introduced on the Domane road bike, it found its place on the Boone cyclocross bike, the Procaliber mountain bike, and the newly designed Madone - a sign of passing the litmus test. It also doesn't hurt that ISO Speed does exactly what Trek says it does. Take note bicycle industry; it's a bit anticlimactic when a "better" product comes out but doesn't feel any different. ISO Speed = difference you can feel.

For the new Domane SL and SLR models, Trek has added ISO Speed technology to the front of the bike. Additionally, the SLR frame has been tweaked to make the rear decoupling action adjustable, LIKE ACTUALLY ADJUSTABLE. While we're on the subject, there are six marked settings on the seatmast, but you can place the slider anywhere along the mast that you please, though we recommend against placing it beyond the outermost markings. If you do, it's easier for dirt to get where it doesn't belong.

What makes sense in the rear also makes sense up front. As cyclists, we are programmed to dread some things on the road: potholes, train rails, road cracks, angry motorists. Front ISO Speed isn't capable of smoothing out your interactions with angry drivers, but it will prevent your hands from losing grip on the bars or hoods in an unexpected encounter with the others. Besides having more control, it's downright fun to pick out the roughest sections of road to ride over on the Domane SLR. No more cringing during railroad track crossings or the sight of deep chips in the road. Nope, you might actually find yourself aiming for them with joy like we did.

Who is this bike for? Anyone with a first generation Domane will love this bike! The Domane is Trek's bestselling road bike, so that is a lot of people. You would expect to see many enthusiasts on the Domane SLR, especially longer distance riders. Branded as a road bike, the disc version with clearance for 32mm tires and fenders would make any roadie living in gravel country blush. The rim brake version can still clear 28mm tires with fenders thanks to direct mount brakes. Domane SLR could be your secret weapon at events featuring a mix of road and gravel. Are you a mountain biker who has never owned a road bike? Perfect, this is your bike.

The SLR frame can be configured to your exact desires with Trek's Project One service. You choose the paint, the drivetrain, the components, the fit, and the accessories. Want your name or initials featured on the bike? You can get that too!

Look for the Domane SLR under the professional riders of Trek-Segafredo during the rest of April for the Spring Classics. In 2016, Fabian Cancellara won the Strade Bianche on the 'white roads' in Tuscany aboard the SLR before it was available to consumers. In his last year as a professional at the age of 35, Cancellara was able to conserve enough energy throughout the race to outkick two riders from the same team AND the world champion, Peter Sagan, for the victory. How? Simple, ISO Speed works.

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