Tremendous Progress for Alex
Alexander ("Alex") is a young man who was admitted to the Judge Rotenberg Center this past summer. Prior to coming to JRC Alex wasn't participating in academics or vocational work. He was taking more than 5 different psychotropic medications, was overweight, and spent close to a month in an emergency room due to there being no programs available to meet his behavioral needs.
Since coming to the Judge Rotenberg Center Alex attends his Work Activity Center daily where he works on math facts and spelling, in addition to vocational and hands-on tasks. At his residence Alex participates in chores and activities of daily living in addition to going on community outings every weekend. Alex assists staff in setting up activities for our weekly Field Day event, assists staff around the work activity center, and attends gym daily where he uses the bike and elliptical trainer. Lastly, Alex is almost completely tapered off of all of his medications and has lost over 40 pounds!
Alex's inappropriate behaviors have significantly decreased in the 6 months he has been at JRC.
Alex's treatment team finds him to be a joy to work with and be around. Alex is sweet, kind, has a gentle demeanor, and has a great sense of humor! He loves talking about coloring, using his iPad, working out in the gym, and occasionally going to Burger King as a special treat. He also loves seeing his parents who visit frequently and he recently went on his first overnight visit since his admission. We could not be more proud of Alex and are so excited to see how he continues to thrive here at JRC!
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