Tremendous Progress for Maurice

Maurice was admitted to the Judge Rotenberg Center in 2009. When he arrived he was unable to sustain appropriate behavior and had difficulties acclimating to the structure and supports at JRC. Maurice had over 1,000 inappropriate behaviors in a month's time.  He had a high staff to student ratio and required an alternative learning classroom to maintain his safety as well as the safety of those around him.

Maurice rides a water slide last summer.
Since his admission to JRC, Maurice has made significant progress. He is now able to sustain very low rates of inappropriate behaviors for extended periods of time.
This monthly chart shows a decline in behaviors.
Maurice initially struggled with reading and writing but is now writing sentences and sending emails. He recently completed an excellent writing assignment about his dog Patience. He is especially motivated to earn money for academic performance and has earned enough to buy an Xbox game system and several games.
Enjoying a hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts.

Maurice has an in-school job and staff members note his excellent work ethic. He has earned a greater amount of independence while at his residence. Maurice enjoys many rewards now such as going to the movies and recently a Boston Celtics basketball game. We recognize and applaud the tremendous progress Maurice has made at JRC. 

Maurice at a Boston Celtics game.
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